Talk about how to do long tail keywords

Talk about how to do long tail keywords

September 8, 2017 lejlgizx 0

Many people say that

we all know several core main keywords of a site may not flow from the site, in fact, most of the traffic is from the site of the long tail keywords to flow, especially some small, want to get traffic to get through the long tail, and flow for the main keywords also precise, so how to find the long tail keywords: in "the new owners how to choose the long tail keywords" an article also mentioned today, Chong Shanghai dragon again!

, how to search from the demand by the long tail keywords website



Chong Shanghai dragon found the long tail keywords insertion site in the article title is the best, and most important, but the webmaster can also take to join in the article, such as the long tail can appear in bold, red, or anything to highlight. The webmaster can take the title of the article is available as a web site to optimize the long tail keywords, the title is very important. We must stand in the user’s point of view to think about how users will search, but everyone search habits are not the same, but we choose the search habits of most people can be, but also to do such a large number of long tail search opportunities more. Shanghai dragon Chong is generally used in two ways, one is the long tail keywords to find out one website needs to do, and then based on the long tail keywords specified website to writing the article, most of the sites are to take this approach; another approach is to write myself in writing before. Then go to the long tail keywords, usually Chong Shanghai Longfeng recommend to the first, second methods must be in their own time to write something can be used, first for every day to update the site, the executive power is relatively high.

alone can not find the long tail, do not know the site itself which has some long tail keywords to find the site, is only a few, in fact every website not say hundreds of long tail, find dozens or can, after all now have a lot of free keyword tools, can go, but to establish myself in the live website main keywords, then add all the people know clearly the word composed of many of the long tail: for example www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 station group blog, the blog group, which can be the best blog tools, bugs blog group software, easy to use blog tools and so on, if you are the product class is better to add, to see the love Shanghai related search or the drop-down box, you can find a lot of long tail keywords, then we use some tools to find To the long tail keywords flow is more, but be careful, don’t imagine a word is not without some index search, in fact there are a lot of people still search, if you do, then the flow is big, and relatively accurate flow.

two, the article how to insert himself needs long tail keywords

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