Share some thoughts about the content and the chain

Share some thoughts about the content and the chain

September 8, 2017 tazhawsu 0

website update number weight or quality? This is a problem worth discussing, some people say the huge quantity according to the 28 law can bring us a strong tail, these long tail keywords core than we might do to bring more traffic. Then the number of heavy, update the content as much as possible then we must; but generally small website money can not reach the quantity standard, original and no quality, collect the contents of the search engine even included are not included. If the site has been updated for every day so that we do not need to update the site, update the site with only a snapshot, snapshot ranking with no direct relationship. But if to improve the quality of website updated content can bring rankings directly, absolutely original article, around the appropriate keyword search engine but a repeat included rankings is very objective. So I think small sites do not have so much energy a large number of original articles, not flowery thoughts in absolute original. We have some websites, such as enterprise station is not updated every day, where we have a small business website daily news, a product release every day. To must go into in order to update the snapshot and Optimization for Shanghai dragon and Shanghai longfeng. Do I think of little significance, although some may get the favour of spiders, >

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence does not know who say, do Shanghai dragon friends almost hear the ears from the cocoon, I believe many of my friends and I’m afraid to do the initial station of a dry, so every day will do two things, the first is to update the content of the website, second for website the chain. It seems in addition to the two things it could not find other things can promote the optimization of the site. Of course, I’m not here to say this sentence is wrong, but we do optimization should consider more problems, because now I see Shanghai Longfeng circle is a common phenomenon, the site must be updated every day. If every day can put the rankings do go up, everyone seems to take this to understand the content of the site updated every day like. The chain is also a day, take a lot of time on the release of the chain. Forums, blogs and so on, a lot of energy, but the effect is not necessarily good, but many owners really bored. In fact, many sites do not update the same ranking, such as the enterprise station he only then more than a dozen pages, not what content can be updated, but still ranked. Remember to do a website for children photography in this industry, this industry has such a cattle station, long-term not update. Ranked first is very stable, from the data analysis, the chain included, PR grade of these numbers beyond this site, but is the row behind it, then I told my colleagues of only one reason is that the user experience is well done, the user experience is not content? There are some sites outside the chain of tens of thousands. But the ranking is very poor. We believe that these sites have seen, but the chain is not a lot of website ranking better. Want to tell you that these are Shanghai dragon to find the right method, we not only update the content, release the chain is Shanghai dragon.

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