The future development direction of Shanghai Longfeng characteristics insight from search and so on

The future development direction of Shanghai Longfeng characteristics insight from search and so on

September 8, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

see here, we can see that the search is more human shaped based on factors ranking. Love Shanghai only with their own products, let Shanghai dragon Er had no chance. For example, a love Shanghai encyclopedia words, whether it is a quality not quality, as long as the maximum matching will be ranked at home. This also allows us to see the search engine is unreliable, really want to run a website or rely on content quality and brand promotion. Simply use the search engine to run a website to already more and more small. For example, we made a post, it must be the quality of some of the posts. Only in this way, the user’s attention will focus on a high, high comment is also higher, more interactive comment is stronger, the more they share.

In fact,

if you think you can go to send some rubbish, no comments, no one to share, no attention, so the contents of the search engine will not give high weight, this website is certainly not a good performance in the search engine. PageRank algorithm is a search engine of unilateral views, and this is the real search algorithm and user based on the view, giving the best results. The search engine in the end is a service, undoubtedly PageRank algorithm is more sophisticated level, so the future of our Shanghai dragon idea is first of all to the website to create a website can share the high quality content. Around a group of users will always remain in our website, we update the site not present every day to copy someone else’s content, every day a double chain.


search engine development for so many years, in addition to Google’s invention of the PageRank algorithm, for so many years, there has been no revolutionary change. Then a call to search for a new generation of search engines turned out, it is the name of the "factors and search" together, and hoping to search innovation concept, change the inherent pattern of Internet search. The search engine is the biggest characteristic of a human factors based on ranking, then we look at it is what people form based on factors as the basis of the website rankings, believe that this is the future direction of the development of search engine, believe love Shanghai in the near future will also keep up with the rhythm.

is not completely out of this.

as you know the traditional search engine is focused on the page quality and relevance of search technology, so everyone in the love of Shanghai in search of any popular word home page are the result of love Shanghai home page. In the word Thailand embarrassed as an example, in the love of Shanghai home are mostly Shanghai love their own products, but there is a little improvement is the love of Shanghai launched entity search. If you are in such a search search see Thailand embarrassed the top ten websites are some what website. We can see, so pay more attention to the web search network popularity, such as a web page, or forum posts attention, share degree, the number of comments, so it might be possible to search ranking.

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