A5 marketing the 301 redirect complete analysis for beginners

A5 marketing the 301 redirect complete analysis for beginners

September 7, 2017 lejlgizx 0

, a 301 redirectThere are a lot of

website content is expired, so to be deleted, if you want to.

the following five conditions must do 301 redirection, of course, if these five things did not happen if you can choose not to do the detailed introduce of A5 marketing.

in the website optimization, 301 redirect is an optimization webmaster essential, while the 301 redirect is mainly used for content moves from one location to another. In fact, in understanding is very simple, I have some content in the 贵族宝贝abc贵族宝贝/a.html, then I want to reconstruct the website, so I think the content of this page to the 贵族宝贝abc贵族宝贝/b.html. So, I can implement 301 redirect all the index page all transferred to another page. Someone may ask, why to do a 301 redirect reconstruction site first? Do 301 redirection to understand a little before the redirection is not only important for users, but also for the search engine is very important, when after the website and through the implementation of a 301 redirect, or search engine allows users to access the old version of the page is not 404 error page, but a successful visit to the new version of the page, also can let search engines know when is your mobile content, it will need to reconstruct the site do a 301 redirect.

: the old site content expired and deleted

301 redirect, usually webmaster when doing 301 redirect to URL, a standardized and concentrated weight is not dispersed, so that the weight of two for the website, all the indexes to the old version of the page all transferred to the new version of the page. The implementation of the 301 redirect can do these, in effect is very strong, also suggested that the small and medium-sized enterprise owners to effectively use a 301 redirect to the site to bring the role of.

why today about 301 redirect problem? The reason about this is because the A5 marketing team in the diagnosis and analysis of enterprise website, found 301 problems: such as the redirection of enterprise website reconstruction after useless page redirection for the old version to the new version, resulting in the reconstructed website 404 error page a lot, but because these 404 sites also lead to weight loss, right down the page. In addition, in setting a 301 redirect set when an error or do not know how to set etc.. So, A5 marketing team found that many enterprise owners on 301 redirection and understanding is not enough, the incorrect operation. Then, A5 marketing took some order, I hope to help the small and medium-sized enterprise owners correctly and effectively set a 301 redirect.

must do 301 redirect


two, in what circumstances

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