By which several ways to extend more keywords

By which several ways to extend more keywords

September 7, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

if only by manual to expand it, will not waste energy transition, expansion word is not necessarily valid. So in the expansion of keywords, with some commonly used tools such as Shanghai Longfeng keywords, keyword tools and nobility baby love Shanghai index.

tools and noble baby love Shanghai index for a long time, can also use other tools for query expansion. Many keyword expansion tools are free of charge, the author recommended an extension tool: after word assistant. Only need to register and activate. The specific operation in which the author introduced, when you use the know.

After the ? In addition to the use of

five, various forms of variant

, a

keyword tool

four, in other words the extension


love Shanghai index query will show relevant keywords, relative nobility baby keyword tool, listed the word love Shanghai index is a bit less.

website to determine a good core keywords, the next task is to expand the main keywords, a slight size of the site, a few or dozens of core keywords is not enough, also need to expand more less than the core keyword search keywords frequency distribution, classification or related to the home channel. By digging a series of expansion by hundreds or even thousands of long tail keywords are very common. Following on from the small to share several common keywords expansion mode.



especially in this noble baby keyword tool is more convenient, query a keyword, the noble baby tools list at least dozens of relevant keywords. Any one word and then use the list to query, and can make a list of dozens of other related keywords. Through continuous mining this way, extending hundreds of thousands of words is not an easy job to do

search, we usually believe in the search time is often used, so when the keyword extension, can also take advantage of this resource. In general, extended word search proposal and relevant search will appear in the keywords or nobility baby love Shanghai index, why do you want to separate, because the two pieces of the word to can help you quickly develop good way of thinking.

search suggestions


usually do not know if you have not paid attention to in search of a phenomenon, is in love Shanghai or noble baby search input box core keywords, the search box will automatically display the recommended keywords associated with this, is that we usually say the drop-down search box. Of course, in the drop-down in the search box part is artificially painted, so these people need to exclude brush up the words, because these words do not bring too much traffic to you.

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