Do you have any grassroots execution

Do you have any grassroots execution

September 7, 2017 ckrekbra 0

said that although the Internet now there is a lot of people, but some people really can learn from each other to improve their execution. For example, the author is an example. Simple talk about me is how to improve its execution by the people.

but as the Internet is unreal, a lot of the time we should learn something useful, really difficult. For example: many people add my QQ chat, I said to teach technology, so that I can quickly earn money or give me some documents, I doubt, I will feel disgusted, he is trying to cheat my money, think he is trying to pull me into what group.

communication, the recent talks between the site, said after the first optimization mode, optimizing the other way and then talk about, from which you can let yourself to learn some of the search engine, to improve their executive ability.

1. friends

3 to talk about their situation

2. for the execution of almost

When every time I communicate in

4. people learn good

and colleagues in your webmaster communication at the same time, learn from each other and don’t forget to switch between resources. Because of you may do Resources >

today I see a "grassroots Internet business execution is the key" article from A5, let me feel after watching ". Very want to write about yourself in this respect some views and opinions, following in the A5 Adsense nets Tucao:

to make friends with each other, talking about some of the same day the Shanghai dragon knowledge, let the other person know that he and I are really learning to communicate with each other.

I think the grassroots webmaster in the business at the same time, do not blindly imitate, just work hard, sometimes stopped to look at their own way, which is the lack of understanding of their own, and then to make up for their lack of. As the saying goes, "the Three Stooges to Zhu Geliang," I believe that every webmaster have their own advantages, if you can learn from each other, can improve the execution and beyond the master.


heard a good way to promote and optimize the method, I will make a note, and then next time can be tested by other methods.

in China Internet, whether they are master or grassroots webmaster, the common problem is not to trust each other. Why is there such a situation? At the beginning of the birth of the Internet is not the case. I think the main reason is Chinese are "poor", they want to make money, money on the Internet, cheat labor too much, so this situation is also behoove.

5. resources

When I walk with the

and colleagues, and his execution is always webmaster to communicate with each other.

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