As Shanghai dragon Er need but not the necessary skills

As Shanghai dragon Er need but not the necessary skills

September 7, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

    I often write about a website search engine optimization work, the skills and talents of the. As a professional website marketing strategy company leader, I have a professional team, I work in marketing your website there is necessity and value. However, the optimization of a station and otherwise, anyone can learn the basic knowledge, the knowledge of a lot of people know and have carried out on other websites. But the real knowledge is Shanghai dragon than you on the Internet to see a lot more.

    in an efficient optimization in hundreds of "parts" plays a role. There are more than 200 places that need attention in Google, no one has the value and necessity of different degree.

      control algorithm of search engine

    search engine rule is to ensure that you do not violate the Shanghai dragon strategy "

      you follow the rules of search engine

    HTML is equivalent to the Shanghai dragon. But you don’t need to know all the HTML knowledge in the optimization of a site. Does it help? Of course! You need a lot of knowledge of HTML, don’t let anyone tell you, if you can’t finish manual code of a web site, then you are not a Shanghai dragon.

            you know HTML code


    analysis is the best way to prove the value of your work in Shanghai dragon. But the analysis itself is not the search engine optimization, he just report method. If you want to know whether the search engine optimization effect to you, then you need to learn analysis, best words can hire people to do traffic analysis analysis. But if you can’t do the analysis of the data, it does not mean that you are not a Shanghai dragon er

each have the highest Shanghai dragon how to establish a link, but there are some people always do better than others. Building links like sales. Each of the Shanghai dragon should understand the basic concept and application of link building strategy. But just because you can do link building, does not mean that you are a dragon in Shanghai.



Shanghai, they do need to know about the search engine, but how many really need to "monitor"? Almost all Er have some Shanghai dragon records every detail analysis and test algorithm, and then re recorded when the search engines change the algorithm, analysis and testing.

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