Google URL submitted to Google through the noble baby BOT crawl way

Google URL submitted to Google through the noble baby BOT crawl way

September 7, 2017 nfyactcp 0

in the submission of a single URL, the maximum is 50 times a week Google submitted; submit with all the link to the page URL, the limit is 10 times a month. The webmaster can see the number of submitted remaining in the page of noble baby BOT grasp mode ". Any page content on any of the URL should be applicable for your.

function can provide help for the owners in a variety of situations: if the owners had just launched a new website, or add some important new page owners can request BOT immediately find and capture noble baby them, rather than wait for Google to find them. The webmaster can also submit has included, but some updates to URL, to refresh the URL, for example, if the owners update on yourself this weekend will be held in the activities of some of the key content, and hope to be able to see these updates in a timely manner to ensure Google webmaster can turn to "noble baby BOT crawl way". Or, the webmaster accidentally released some of the unintentional release of information, after deleting the information from the website, also hope to be able to Google’s cached version – page snapshot update, at this time, "noble baby BOT grab mode" can also help.

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Google said that when successful webmaster like noble baby BOT grabbed a URL, so webmaster will submit the URL to see the Google index this option in Google webmaster tools. When the owners in such a way as to submit URL, usually within a day, the baby will crawl URL BOT noble. Then, Google will consider whether it will be included in Google’s index. But please note that Google does not guarantee that every URL submitted in this way will be included; Google will still use the conventional process, Google is used to find other URL processes, to evaluate a URL is suitable for the Google index.

Adsense click "submit to the index, you will see a dialog box, let the owners choose whether to submit only a URL, or the URL page and all its links.

first, use the "diagnostics" aristocratic "baby BOT crawl", submitted to the webmaster want to grab the noble baby URL. If the successful capture of the URL, so webmaster will be crawled beside the URL, see a new "submit to the index" link.



August 12th news: Recently, Google webmaster tools in the "noble baby BOT grab mode" function provides a new and updated URL URL submitted to the noble Baby Collection method. Allow webmasters to submit just launched a new website, or add some important new page, auxiliary Google fast index.

How to submit a URL

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