Together with you to explore a 404 error page setup problems

Together with you to explore a 404 error page setup problems

September 6, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

for the 404 page every 5 seconds after the jump to the way home to search engine friendly, and water is also not quite sure of my views. So go to the water analysis of the 404 page treatment about major portals.

what is the error page? "Now refers to the link to the failure, the reason may be the wrong address of the user, it may be the site of structural adjustment, to delete the contents, or address changes are likely to happen. So how to deal with this situation? Is a 404 page design alone.

        we’ll take a look at sina and Tencent is how to deal with:



1, sina. 404 error page is five seconds after the jump to the navigation page: 贵族宝贝news.sina贵族宝贝.cn/guide/

2, Tencent. 5 seconds after the jump to the home page, but not to jump directly to the home page address, but 贵族宝贝qq贵族宝贝/ pgv_ref=404

404 page to tell the user the current page or link errors, and guide the user to access the other page of the website, and not to leave. To search engine, error page should return 404 status code, the search engine will give up on the page index, if the return is 200 or 302 status code so that a search engine will continue to carry out the index, which will lead to a large number of different links to the same page, it will affect the search engine trust for the web site.

recently because of some reasons, the company website to delete, a website appeared 404 page, greatly affect the flow, how to deal with the 404 page company colleagues have some differences, the biggest controversy is: for the 404 page should jump to the site or home channel. Jump to the home page view so you can keep the user, reduce the loss of the user. The water view is 404 a lot of pages to jump to the home page (every 5 seconds) may affect the search engine weight, in addition to the mandatory user behavior is not conducive to the user experience, can leave to return to the home page and some important pages in the 404 page, let the user choose Click where or is left.

404 page role you may have been that water today want to talking about is how to set up the 404 page is correct? Possible for small sites, 404 pages can be set up on the line, because of no great importance is not exist, the wrong page too much, but for the large website "the large number of page 404, if not handled properly, could lose a lot of users and even affect the weight of the site in the search engine.


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