Three tips on boosting the creation of soft Shanghai Dragon

Three tips on boosting the creation of soft Shanghai Dragon

September 6, 2017 laecpour 0

we all know, now online copy ability is far beyond our imagination, sometimes just writing something, soon be copied, this is not tantamount to our efforts in the work of others, so be sure to have your own style, best your style is diversity, not too single. The main text is the creation of the template style style to speak here, a good template can not only clearly help you sort out your thoughts at the same time, also can improve the reader’s experience to a certain extent, we need to look at all the webmaster readers Tong Ren style of reading habits, only with their own design personal style template, the template can let us have been imitated, but never easy.

Shanghai dragon as we all know, should have the most is to insist, soft Wen creation is the same, but the creation of the soft, in addition to adhere to, and grasp the following three standing skills: daily collection of information integration ability, good ability to form personal style version of the model ability and refinement editor, a few of them no, believe that the creation of soft road you will go very hard, and then we do the decomposition.

as you know Shanghai dragon Er, marketing has been in the Shanghai dragon website optimization which occupies a very important position, but in recent years, the major search engines to the original degree of attention to improve itself, more and more owners began to use the original text for the website to introduce high quality links to improve website flow, but how to create and adhere to the original text, that will become many webmaster very headache, I started doing marketing, also once encountered such a bottleneck, but with their own then slowly persist after, found that the original soft creation is not so difficult, there is certain skills, here, I will share with everyone I hope some wise remark of an experienced person to help. Dear colleagues.

two is good at setting up personal style template

collect daily information on the integration of

as a webmaster all know, if every soft article content is by virtue of our personal subjective imagination to editors, even the writer will also have a movie one day, and we are not so much like the writers of the time don’t have the energy, then our prototype material creation of soft where, this needs us Shanghai dragon er must be good at doing the daily to collect and collate information, course information collection is not arbitrary, wide net, we need to pay attention to the efficiency, under normal circumstances, I will mainly through the following two channels to collect effective information. First, every day to the well-known platform collection of popular vocabulary, to increase the users of our attention; second, from the point of view of their competitors, at any time in the soft this piece was collected and trends, so as to ensure we create what is in line with the entire industry, but not as we do no hard.

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