To ensure that the user experience scientific advice for the optimization of Shanghai four Dragon

To ensure that the user experience scientific advice for the optimization of Shanghai four Dragon

September 6, 2017 tazhawsu 0

two, stack keywords to moderate

Now a lot of CMS

the latter, because of the smooth, practical, readable, communication is good, even if the initial ranking is not good, the number of people, ranking natural will go up. This assumption is based on the search engine keyword recognition technology early on, and now the search engine, early recognition of keyword stuffing this bad behavior.

, a new understanding of the keyword density

is not the keyword density control in 2%~8%, consider this statement, to write the article, as long as you think you can read fluent practical. Compare what you know which one is better, because the former, readability, repeatability, even began to get a better ranking, because the content is not suitable for dissemination, click, reprint less people, based on the principle, this ranking will fall off.

The number of Most of the articles will be

remember a few years ago, when just beginning to learn the Shanghai dragon, the teacher taught us to do keyword layout, navigation and module before heading to deliberately increase the main keywords, keyword density and improve the ranking, without considering the user experience with the intelligent search engine optimization method, this is outdated. But I often see a lot of this website. Shanghai Longfeng research center in Hai Yao to share their understanding of some previous Shanghai Longfeng methods, science Shanghai dragon begins from the following four basic optimization.

at the end of the part summarizes the whole article, so at the end of the article there are keywords is a method to improve the correlation. If you are in order to add keywords and write the ending, certainly is difficult to summarize the task if it is written "to summarize

keyword density is the key in the article appeared in the Shanghai dragon. If it is done for the optimization optimization, you can insert two to three words, in the first paragraph after paragraph and bold, can add keywords, without considering the coherence, readability and repeatability of these. If it is to increase the user experience, you can take the contents of the article, do not deliberately add keywords, when you write about a keyword as the center of the theme, to start writing, adding variant keywords or keywords in the title, so can the abbreviation.

management system, the author will automatically extract as an overview of an article review, summary. The search engine spiders first read the content is also the beginning of the article, if you pile up some words in the article are likely to deceive the head, love Shanghai. But if you don’t use the CMS keyword, and automatic extraction of a repeat, the beginning of repeated words, in this case, not only the user looked disgusted, the search engine will think this is cheating. If we are content to optimize the users, typically with keywords of naturally occurring principle, that is to say keywords in the article appear just perfect, can resonate with readers.

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