What is the website black before you can do

What is the website black before you can do

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rapid development of Internet, computer is widely used, brought rapid and convenient services, at the same time, the hacker event triggered by the Internet security vulnerabilities frequently appear in newspapers, the number of types of damage intensity of the strong, a be struck dumb. In fact, these were reported Internet security incident is just the tip of the iceberg, the world famous Symantec Security software company previously released report shows that in the second half of 2006, the global total of more than 4 million 500 thousand computer users in the case of the unconscious hackers remote control, over 10 000 large enterprises website hanging on web Trojan invasion or tampering. Thus, detection of website vulnerabilities, network security has become a concern of every enterprise and every computer user can not be ignored in daily work.

Sec120 Internet security network anti black college for Mr. Chen Bin said: "this is mainly because in the information age, the crime has gradually spread to high-tech and spread rapidly, more and more cases of high tech crime by computer so that the computer security problem has become the focus of world attention. With the wide application of computer in various fields of human life, computer virus has also been produced and spread, the computer network has been illegal intrusion, important information stolen, even resulting in network paralysis, causing huge economic losses to the country for many companies, even endanger the national and regional security, computer security security is a very important issue and universal significance of the modern information society, we must earnestly study and grasp the development and related technologies and methods."

The use of

is black, what kind of website will be black

1. source code online open platform support website for the website;

this kind of website most problems, because the source of generation.


Sec120 Internet security network security chief expert Li Chengfeng said: "at present, most companies do not configure a dedicated network security management, implementation by our customers, such as work is the basic of network security is not very professional program staff and web designer. Even if the company personnel equipped with professional network security technology, but personal strength is limited, the network security is a comprehensive planning process. So we must attach importance to the network, do comprehensive safety assessment and follow-up, the benefits of doing so is to exclude known network vulnerabilities, prevent potential security crisis, the risk may bring to a minimum. Especially for some enterprises rely on the website operation, stable service and website will directly affect the economic benefit."

is a big black website mainly in the following categories:

is hacking so frequently?


network security situation is becoming increasingly grim, but do not have to talk about the "black" pale. Now the "Internet security network" — Sec120贵族宝贝 will be together and we face the hacking incident, build a network security system.

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