What is the website of Shanghai dragon

What is the website of Shanghai dragon

September 6, 2017 hhbhixcm 0

obviously has a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel are very interested in your own website or the company’s website has a good ranking in the search engine, even some companies take the task to do a check today: target keywords in the home page? Such questions have some straightforward, listening to some people fear, what is Shanghai dragon? We Shanghai dragon is the goal of keywords ranking? In fact, Shanghai Longfeng goal is simple – to obtain the target audience.

a company’s business in addition to the line to carry out online promotion, need more, clear their business goals is very important. The following example compared two companies: A company: pet products company, B company: dance training institutions.


1, I don’t want to be a stranger to visit my site.

needs to implement the YES website of Shanghai dragon. Unless there are about several cases:

often hear some reasons for the company website is to have a website, obviously they do not know what website can bring them, so it is necessary to know what is the function of the website, the website should be part of any type of features or elements includes the following: business history, honor, news; fun, games and entertainment; eye-catching brand; product or service information; online shopping; training materials; downloadable software or documentation; available for browsing or audition: pictures, video and music; site map; search function; contact; the body store location, Business Hours; blog posts and comments……

3, that the Shanghai dragon network marketing technology can not give you help.

If the

third, hope your website is what people visit

can begin to look at your own site on which parts, for each part of a standard for evaluation (good, bad), at last to see if there are conflicts and business goals, such as you do the product sales, most of your work on the history of enterprise introduction. Some small sum may allow you to save a lot of trouble. Shanghai Longfeng promotion work must adhere to the overall business objectives, not only support website.



: no doubt you are repeatedly consulting website which is to search your site you want the most! So what we need to do? We will further understand, more specific description of the ideal for visitors, so you can more.

? What is the function of the website,

2, the website has been very good, very satisfied with the current sales performance, do not want to trouble.

What is the first business of the target

if the above circumstances you can rule out, then you need to Shanghai longfeng.

A: B: Sales of pet supplies target charges of training dance


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