Look at the new station is how to do the day on the day to be included

Look at the new station is how to do the day on the day to be included

September 5, 2017 azwnolxx 0

the day on the day included here, said there was a bit conservative, it should be said that the line less than half an hour is included, the specific time and I see the snapshot site on-line time. The morning is still with the owner of this website keywords: in the end there is no want to chat well, I will give you the title line on the website, domain name registration is 20 days is not on the line a little drag feeling (from Google’s 1 collection can be seen on the website in December 6th began to build in the space work, but robots.txt has been used to block all search engine website). The site is included in 4 minutes after the website screenshot below, the title is normal, but the description of the grab right. That description has been very good, a few days can be displayed (when I send this article is normal).

next is the issue of space, this is what we often do have more experience, so I chose a direct space taking my long-term cooperation, buy a relatively stable speed also can host Hongkong. >

will pump 1 hours before the webmaster tools query snapshot screenshot:


The first step of

if you think time is exaggerated, you can also see me crawl to capture screenshot time snapshot 4 minutes ago, this is very difficult to fake.

Aguang in Shanghai Longfeng work for two years, can be said that today is more exciting, because the new station took over the first time since the day included, remember the first time is only included a week later is 1 ~ 3 days included, included on the day really is the first time. Of course, there is definitely a little achievement behind the untold story of the next Aguang share some preparatory work done before the station on the line for you, I think this is what we want to know the process (that’s it. And the results can be included this result is important, but also Shanghai dragon er new people want to understand things). A little help to shifts in the web site before the online journal work on do new friends a little: "the new station is how to do the day on the day included" dedicated to you.

domain name, space is the key, the original owner of the site to choose Weier top-level domain name, ha ha, so short now how this time Larry domain may leave you, toss for a long time do not know how, he finally let me choose werbw. COM, I think also, but still a bit awkward, if that is werb. Com it would be perfect (also be registered), but a network of what it may not. I finally said, or direct access to the domain name will pump Www.***Com better, the main site also agreed, site domain names will be all settled.



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