How to judge whether the chain are suspected of cheating

How to judge whether the chain are suspected of cheating

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domain determines the website ranking ability to a great extent. Normally, the number can influence factors of the high and low weight website include domain name age, noble baby PR value, snapshot date, included total page and website external links……

external links for website domain name weight is of decisive influence. The construction of the external links website is the website optimization work, commonly used method to improve the weights of the website as the most external link building is the website optimization. Since more and more owners to focus on work site optimization are put to work on the construction site of the external links, leads to the website optimization industry inside a lot of use of the hyperlink cheating, the author found that many new Adsense just started to do a lot of construction of the external links, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng industry core technology twist. Due to random, flooding of the construction of the chain, the major search engines including love Shanghai, has formulated the corresponding anti cheating measures hyperlink algorithm.

use some well-known website name or business as keywords of the anchor text of the chain, such as the now large credit card agency website with "Minsheng Bank credit card" as a keyword.

3, some of the indiscriminate use of BBS signature.

1, the existence of false and fraudulent

I recently heard a lot of

ER in Shanghai Longfeng complain, April 19, 2013 love Shanghai launched a large-scale adjustment, many website rankings are meaningless because of the existence of a large number of external links and loved Shanghai K off. I received some webmaster feedback, the author pays close attention to an article published in the official Lee love Shanghai in April 25, 2013, the author found that the current love Shanghai in judging the site outside the chain of cheating the existence of cheating methods have been more and more intelligent and humane approach, which the chain will think there is suspected of cheating

The weight of a

BBS signed form of external links is not good, not love Shanghai to force the blow, I think for some useless, for Internet users.

Shanghai dragon

had links to the sale and the famous "* * * chain", the specific name of the author is not mentioned, we all know. The following figure:

from the point of view, the external links most conducive to improve the site’s ranking, but see traffic from a business perspective is the most fundamental significance of links. "Click" the Internet user behavior, click behavior since it is so, in a sense, when click behavior, to a certain extent the user takes off the opportunity cost, such as time…… , Internet users spent cost, you must be the Internet users "opportunity to return", in short, the website construction of the external links when should pay attention to customer value: the user experience, this is the search engine’s external links advocate external links.

? anchor text construction For example,

2, buy Links:

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