Love Shanghai included multiple snapshots to maintain six skills

Love Shanghai included multiple snapshots to maintain six skills

September 5, 2017 uttpdooa 0

[two]: the skills to "three little one"

in the commercial growing online market, for the maintenance of a single snapshot can be said to be many in the promotion of workers is extremely thorough exploration. However, now the site of Shanghai dragon, the mainstream two trends or in the station optimization and stood outside the link on the website optimization. Optimization for station, need to publish a new article, with links to do publicity. But for a lack of professional editing webmaster, editing a post station needs a lot of time, this article often publish multiple web sites (multiplecontributions) link to the investment. However, the website started a case, many uppity webmaster is to enrich their site through the simple copy and paste information. In this regard, Shanghai love will gradually included on the site of the final reduction, is also likely to site to K off! Therefore, this phenomenon is also put in the form has brought great distress to multiplecontributions inbound links. Below will introduce six techniques for multiple snapshots of maintenance.

[a] skills: manuscript quality checks, the original is the soul of a

love Shanghai?

released outside the station link, need an article to do rely on, but editing an article need a lot of time, most people have a quick thought, it will choose to be in "love Shanghai" to find related articles, links after the modification was released. You know, love is not love others from Shanghai own mouth "food", taken after a touch of "seasoning", and then continue to eat.

of course, the quality of the article can learn news release format. The Sina four portal in the article is the love darling of Shanghai, so this article will copy form is a good choice.

therefore, we need to have the original article. At the same time, the quality is necessary, you know, now gradually perfect love Shanghai algorithm is not going to eat you "typos pack", "" countless "this set of articles.


second, the content of the article is also very important to the problem. In general, a key type of business site will choose to describe the characteristics of a commodity such as relatively easy to provide customers from Shanghai love to write their own articles. However, a hot industry, it is destined to the fierce competition here. Therefore, for the technical posts and the characteristics of the product popular title articles to write, but also a >

in China, relying on the love Shanghai snapshot to attract potential customers to help a website to grow up and become a more effective way of fashion marketing. Of course, with the rapid development of search engine advertising, love Shanghai in order to be able to give their life for marketing, in recent years gradually strict checks this layer marketing snapshot. Then, an urgent need to develop multiple snapshots website, and how to ensure the normal snapshot update at the same time the old snapshot will not be deleted

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