Love Shanghai know low level D teach you how to insert a link

Love Shanghai know low level D teach you how to insert a link

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as a Shanghai dragon ER, often we often consider classes of problems, how to know the platform in Shanghai love questions the link to go in, it is very difficult for a low grade account. But we don’t have to worry about, because the love of Shanghai know that in general only when you adopt the best answer will be snapshot, so we can append below the answer questions, the process of additional questions, love Shanghai to link the audit is relatively low a lot, but remember, you don’t have the account in a day how to submit url, this link is a permanent solution to submit 2-3 daily.

today, there is a very tangled thing, I love Shanghai by four because the account immediately reduced to three illegal deduction scores, still needs 200 points can be upgraded to level four. In general, we know that love has a certain level in Shanghai that links into operation more convenient. So for the low level of the account, we should know how to make good use of the platform to love Shanghai? I have a knack for:

welcome to exchange!

know love Shanghai for Shanghai dragon ER, is a very important weight platform, properly grasp the scale of our benefit. Also stressed that: we as Shanghai dragon ER, IP must be promptly replaced, the replacement of an account login, we must clear the browser all retained information, especially cookies, this is the time that love remember, Shanghai in monitoring whether you cheat you can cleverly avoid, once the account is canceled. The blockade will come to naught, especially the level of support account. Methods we replace the IP very simple is to pull a separate broadband dial-up dial-up IP can automatically replace each. This article from the first brand of Shenzhen soft computer training training ship (www.ruanjsx贵族宝贝): a princess, webmaster reprint please bring the original link. QQ:1025347625


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