Love Shanghai some English ranked Shanghai dragon reverie

Love Shanghai some English ranked Shanghai dragon reverie

September 5, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

this possibility is relatively small, but I personally think that the existence of this possibility, we can see the second page of search results, most of them are English website, originally second page Chinese websites now pushed to the third page, if love is in Shanghai in order to suppress the Chinese webmaster, can understand English at home and how many people love Shanghai? Do not equal to

When the

the above points, just a guess, if you then love Shanghai in a variety of keywords inside into the English ranking search results, so that the maximum possible or for the consideration of the user experience! Because of my writing, writing may not be so vivid, hope forgive me my friends, the original starting from the A5, please from 贵族宝贝jileshou贵族宝贝, I would appreciate.

2, in the search results into the English website, in order to improve the user experience of

of this change is explained by considering the user experience, but I think this is very possible, in the love of Shanghai in search of Shanghai dragon related tools are not comprehensive, so a lot of shoes are over the wall to see foreign website optimization technical articles or the use of foreign website optimization tools. I love Shanghai related English site in Shanghai Longfeng search results, the first is to let the webmaster support more love Shanghai search, increase its traffic. The second is to enhance the user experience, with international standards.

, Bing mark English will appear with the search results, but failed to find the sign of Bing, this is why? Do you love Shanghai in the test English search ranking results? The knowledge of my personal guess, as a result, we still need to wait for the official reply.

English directly launch their ranking systemIn search of some key words such as zblog, your own grave?

in the search keywords Shanghai dragon everyone these days, will be found in the top three were also English about Shanghai dragon ranking, Shanghai love the changes, what is the purpose? Love Shanghai some English reverie Shanghai dragon ranking, I think there are the following three aspects: may

1, terminate the cooperation with Bing,


3, Chinese suppressed Shanghai Longfeng rankings

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