Shanghai dragon three elements link structure content close reading

Shanghai dragon three elements link structure content close reading

September 4, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

website is composed of page content, page code, content of the theme. This includes: from the original page content is more conducive to love Shanghai website content recognition, copies or extracts of other web content will not be recognized by the love love Shanghai, Shanghai has reliable technology can analyze the copies or extracts from the content of the search engine, and because of the need of the user experience, Shanghai would love to content from the copy the website is punished. The correct use of the code can increase love Shanghai website content recognition, HTML code in bold italic, underline, support page content, help promote the proper use of Internet user experience, love the ShangHai Railway Station in the angle of the user experience to enhance the recognition of this web site. The contents of the theme of the website also refers to a professional content, this can be understood as the content of a website is focused on a theme, such as a shoe in the shoe industry website, information content and should not appear a large car, catering, tourism content, positioning more clearly, more professional website will be more love Shanghai approved.

site structure refers to the structure of the site, including the frame, page URL, page code, path JS and Flash effects. The website structure is the basis of Shanghai dragon, the structure of the website to build to Shanghai dragon need to understand the search engine (love Shanghai) Shanghai Longfeng rules, which includes: less framework, avoid using the framework, because the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization proposal had pointed out that frame contents can not accurately grasp, using frame structure is a kind of adventure behavior of Shanghai dragon is. The URL path, advocate is a static address, with parameters of the dynamic address is not conducive to Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai in the dynamic path of the site to crawl the page number is less, and the web pages is directly related to the amount of a web site of the Shanghai dragon effect. The reasonable deployment of code. The search engine is to have their own judgment way page code, the code itself and there is no difference, but the search engine rankings of the page when paying more attention to the content, a pure flash code page is not conducive to the search engine rankings, contains a lot of java script code page is not conducive to the search engine ranking. It must be pointed out that from the java script page code may bring bad effect to the website of Shanghai dragon.


link, website structure, content is Shanghai dragon three important elements, although this is not the Shanghai dragon all effects on Shanghai, but the dragon is very great.

link includes a link location, number of links and link density. On the basis of a web site, the station outside the station to distinguish, links also exist outside the station branch. Links location in the station, part of the site structure, through the link can be a separate page link station in Shanghai Longfeng standpoint this is in the station optimization. On the home page layout all (most) two column page links, which is conducive to the depth of the spider crawling robot, promote the ZhengZhan collected volume, but ZhengZhan weight can improve. The above code page by the higher.

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