The analytical method of combat new online three days fast included

The analytical method of combat new online three days fast included

September 4, 2017 tazhawsu 0

site domain name snapshot at number 13, as shown in figure

for a new station on the line, the first thing to do is as soon as possible by the search engine included, such as the back of Shanghai Longfeng optimization operation have help. After all, even the site has not been included to the operation of a series of Shanghai dragon optimization that it is a waste of energy. Then for the new station on the line after how fast was collected? Believe that many are troubles his own new construction site will not be included in the people are particularly interested in it. Today the author to share in recent days in the operation of a new station, the new registered domain name, just buy a space, on-line only three days to be collected. Explain the method.



above, a new station in the operation, on-line three days to be collected. Figure:

two, fill the website home page content

The following

do stand friends all know, the importance of the web site. However, many webmaster in the new construction is a waste of state of mind, to buy some cheaper space, considering the back can be upgraded. In fact, I don’t think so, if you want to make a station, so must ensure that have a stable space, such as the purchase of space, the first trial in a day during a space PING connection speed, PING time to choose the peak of the Internet, so the data is more accurate. Secondly, in the IIS limit, as the author of the new film, if the IIS number is not enough, even the batch data collection can realize, how can be fast included? Once the server again inquires other sites, this is often ignored webmasters, because I read a lot about the same IP if the neighbor site was K will affect your site, so in the space of the trial, the author put each with IP site query again, just in case. The author believes that the space stability is the first key factor to determine the new station can be quickly included.

spider crawling is the content, and a new station to be included, there must first be content to search engine, this is the most basic point. In the author’s operation, to the railway station to fill the rich content is a must, but to see why some new sites will not be included in the forum, the most important still appear in content, a lot of setting the navigation column, and the column page of the forum, but no content, is the home page the content is not rich. In fact, I have always thought that, although the search engine can’t judge website content is rich, but one thing is worthy of recognition, that is the search engine.

, choose a stable space

to share the write operation method.


We all know that

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