Scindapsus algorithm update soft advertising in the future decide on what path to follow

Scindapsus algorithm update soft advertising in the future decide on what path to follow

September 4, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

wind, some will follow.

, what is

love is still shows a direction and determined to love Shanghai, but the implementation of the difficulty, as can be imagined. You don’t notice, said the results directly on the line. Notice the general purpose of warning and intimidation. Especially the third: will be punished to release the soft site. At present, the four major portals, the industry TOP1 sites are involved in this crime, punishment is not the doctor, law is not responsible for the public. On the other hand, love Shanghai with these sites is mutual dependency relation. Otherwise it will not have what open platform, Box Computing products such as. Water boat can capsize, Shanghai does not know love.

to increase the target site of punishment. Love Shanghai has started to provide website abnormal information tools.

and later, marketing has also been applied to the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Ordinary blog link, link to forum slowly lose their effect, and some regular news sites have high natural weight. Naturally, Shanghai Longfeng link building site to the high weight of the news portal. Obviously, this kind of website is not and you exchange links, but fortunately, Money talks, bullshit walks.

things, network soft advertising marketing era is also the end of the world before? Do Google search engine giant has issued a statement to ban "native" advertising and did not indicate the source of information sponsored advertising content. And will the release of the contents of the website to delete from the noble baby News.

‘s search engine played an awkward role, like a >

like Sina, Tencent, NetEase and other large portals offer the highest, more than 100 yuan a, some industries and local portal website is relatively cheap. Some small and medium-sized site fees are not low. A lot of time on the sale of the website or soft links, income.

The official announcement of Shanghai

increase the soft outside the chain filter. Shanghai has love in Webmaster tools provide the chain analysis tools.

news marketing mainly includes four directions. Are for: product, business, culture and CEO news publicity and marketing. The initial marketing, mainly in order to improve enterprise or product image, and enhance the degree of exposure.

two, Scindapsus algorithm measures

as the search leader love Shanghai, announced will launch 2 Scindapsus algorithm. Before the love Shanghai Scindapsus launch of the link algorithm disadvantages we should never forget, many owners must be very good. This update algorithm named Scindapsus: 2. Is cheating on a down link algorithm upgrade. This time the target is: soft advertising links.


to release the soft bearing station punishment. This is worthy of scrutiny, because of the difficulty is quite big.

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