The conventional factors included the collapse of Shanghai love and Solutions

The conventional factors included the collapse of Shanghai love and Solutions

September 4, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

as a webmaster, hope your site more beautiful and the way of saying, this can improve the user experience, but must point! If the site uses a lot of flash or pictures and other multimedia files to display, it will lower the collection of love Shanghai, love Shanghai because there is a spider to grab the page only stay in the text, multimedia files can only identify nobility baby has been out of the market Chinese

server is not stable

, a frequent change site title

on the site every day to update, large acquisition station article, less the original or even missing, which not only brings bad experience to the visitors, but also to search engine to leave a bad impression, you start the article may be included but love love Shanghai, Shanghai system will regularly update the database. If you find the content of the web site has a large number of stacking, that will be deleted. So, in daily update site, try to publish more original article reproduced, at least should also learn pseudo original

as everyone knows, update, optimization and promotion included to enhance the website is an essential basic work, however, many websites in doing a lot of work, the website included index has improved, but it always like a flash like flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum and, over a period of time, it is found that the linear index included site down. What is the reason? How to solve? Here is to solve this problem: share personal experience with you:

a website is not the amount that is accurate, to the selected keywords to match your site location, general to 2-3 can, as each keyword is not more than 4 Chinese characters, the website title tag (title) contained in the keyword density is not accumulation, otherwise easy to fall in love with the sea as cheating processing a website that is, come to naught, another keyword density do not guarantee in 2%-8%. Such as the customer network, the site located in the mobile phone short message platform, then the selected keyword, you can choose "SMS", "Funny SMS", "SMS", "holiday messages".


as web site keywords, website title tag (title) is important, title changes frequently, all kinds of search engines will be automatically convicted of cheating, cheating and give treatment, be sure to carefully think about early in the site, once the title content, not random change, although the site should be revised, should as far as possible narrow the scope of change.

two, mistaken selection and abuse

web server is not stable, such as server bandwidth and server hardware instability problems of high, it will definitely affect the love of Shanghai spiders crawl on your web site information, you can access the website, also talk about what also influence > grab!

five, the site where the

! Keywords years of establishment !

three, the content of the website lacks the original

four, the web multimedia display

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