The domestic electricity supplier Shanghai dragon six status intelligence is just getting started

The domestic electricity supplier Shanghai dragon six status intelligence is just getting started

September 4, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

three, Shanghai dragon professional service providers generally small scale.

Netconcepts CEO Chinese area drains into

into drains, the China electricity supplier industry in Shanghai Longfeng mainly has the following characteristics:

, finance and insurance, tourism brand awareness of Shanghai dragon.

by the whole industry group purchase group purchase, the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon has great changes in the past two years. According to the Netconcepts customer situation, on the one hand, significantly reduced the number of group purchase customers; on the other hand, a single group purchase customers in Shanghai dragon investment is also reduced. At present, Netconcepts customers including group purchase rice, Wo Wo Group etc..

Strong According to the introduction of

news December 9th, compared with the video, posters, light boxes and other high-profile extensive advertising, Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly more recessive and meticulous way of marketing, for electricity providers and other Internet industry has become essential. Billion state power network before the links to Shanghai dragon integration service provider Netconcepts CEO China area drains into the understanding of the status in Shanghai, the Dragon domestic enterprises to.

business in the industry giant enterprises such as Alibaba, Jingdong have established a sizable team dedicated to the Shanghai dragon, and dangdang贵族宝贝, VANCL, Lasafo, excellent shopping mall, jumei贵族宝贝, Lanting Pavilion set potential relatively smaller enterprises choose outsourcing service in Shanghai dragon.

drains into the introduction, the above two types of brands for online sales have been relatively mature, so there is a direct purchase into demand for official website, Air China, Taikang Life is typical of this kind of enterprise.


also drains into the introduction, there are two main types of currently engaged in Shanghai Longfeng service enterprises: one is the integration of marketing enterprises, involving Shanghai Longfeng business, this kind of enterprise is relatively a certain scale; the other is a professional in Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, the service providers of conventional small die. Netconcepts belongs to the second, but the scale is relatively large.

in addition, there is a class of brands such as TCL, LG and other needs of Shanghai dragon more concentrated in the brand communication, to purchase a lower demand transformation.

four, intelligent enterprise products began to appear in Shanghai dragon

two, group purchase website of Shanghai Dragon Investment significantly reduced.

B2C business, a part of the traditional brands involved in online sales also increase the Shanghai dragon investment, the most typical is the financial, insurance and tourism brands.

In addition to the common

another enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng trend is the product of intelligent management, for the analysis of some aspects of Shanghai Longfeng routine, standardized, product management is to save manpower, reduce people.

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