The rapid increase of four kinds of linkbait magical help chain

The rapid increase of four kinds of linkbait magical help chain

September 3, 2017 laecpour 0

          external links the site has been the focus of the construction site, there are several common methods of linkbait is one of the more efficient method, it is not strange for many webmaster friends, a common three kinds of linkbait help site outside the chain to double production method introduces three linkbait common, this paper continue to explain the more powerful the other four: online tools, plug-ins, interests to attract, humor.

: humorous jokes always give a person relaxed mood, often humorous content often attract a lot of external links. This >

plug-in: now many webmaster with CMS, the fast and flexible links and powerful features make many webmaster cannot do without the CMS system. A technology company and Shanghai dragon Er can write plug-ins to various CMS sites, because the plugin is a very effective link bait. The most simple to the shopping cart, blog, forum etc. the development of functional plug-ins, for example I have a friend to the famous blog development breadcrumb navigation plug-in, in a few months, the plugin to publish pages have more than 3000 external links. Functional plugin general to blog system is widely used, such as the development of Cononical tag plug-in, can make a lot of shopping mall system using plug-in automatically add Cononical tags to Shanghai dragon.

online tools: online tools are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er familiar linkbait, because almost every day, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon tools, both search engines provide tools that have their own webmaster development, a good tool for Shanghai dragon will be widely used, the reason is very simple, these tools Shanghai Longfeng personnel needs, the webmaster will recommend to other people on their blogs, websites, forums, this will bring a large number of external links. But online tool is not limited to Shanghai dragon tools, some interesting or fun tools can also attract the attention of others, for example, had seen an estimate of the value of blog online gadget, although not what the actual value just for the fun of it, but by many people recommend using this tool, there are a large number of external links page.

: benefits to attract interests to attract is a very good way I have ever seen, such as some Shanghai dragon website free of charge to other owners to improve Shanghai dragon consultation and diagnosis, but do not charge, the only condition is diagnosed one party provides a one-way link. Some training, to help people solve problems, some students are more enthusiastic lecturers or return, tend to have a relatively stable one-way links. Some sites also voted the game and other methods, to mobilize a large number of people to actively participate in the competition, a lot of people through a variety of methods to promote their votes, even winning the final, will also link to display on the official website, so imperceptibly will get a lot of word-of-mouth and external links. At the end of the host regardless of the brand or Shanghai dragon is a great harvest.

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