Three exchange chain has unstable factors and the Shanghai dragon blog

Three exchange chain has unstable factors and the Shanghai dragon blog

September 3, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

Links is a key link in the process of optimization, the chain can be very good to promote the development of our site. And we exchange for different industries, different types of chain site are different, this is the so-called friend chain correlation. Can say a correlation of the friends of the chain can be the enemy of several identical quality chain. If you have a concern about the Chinese noble baby Administrator Tool blog, you will find that there is very famous in the optimization of industry in the Shanghai dragon blog, Zac blog that is Shanghai dragon. Review the history of ZAC blog, early in the use of a two level domain name, in the last year that the replacement for the now Shanghai dragon Zac this is a top-level domain. But at the same time, we found that the original two domains do a redirect to the top-level domain. In order to reduce the loss of weight, at the same time Chinese nobility baby administrator tools blog chain does not change the address.

Shanghai Longfeng bloggers are some optimization personnel, and if the blogger is a novice Shanghai dragon Er might make a failing is likely to pay too much attention to details. You may come up with some stringent requirements for our site. For example, the stability of our site. We know that a station.

instability: Shanghai dragon blog the survival time is generally not long

risk and existing problems of Shanghai dragon blog Links below

if you have observed the current development of Shanghai dragon independent blog, you will risk a lot of Shanghai Longfeng independent blog rarely have a long-term development. According to the reasons of this phenomenon are in many aspects, one is: the competitiveness of Shanghai Longfeng independent blog is larger, because the optimization personnel myself, often did not have excellent technology, excellent mentality, few people tend to stand. The second is at the beginning of the establishment of our Shanghai dragon blog may be just for the purpose of testing, and did not make a good plan for the long-term development, etc. the reason will eventually lead to our Shanghai dragon blog eventually shut down. And for this reason, if we are friends chain of exchange with the Shanghai Phoenix blog, you may need to face each other site suddenly shut down or make other types of site revision. I have encountered such a situation, not long after the exchange, one day I found that even open into a illegal site. And if we do not check the site every day, it is easy to these sites will become long some irrelevant and even some site in violation of relevant laws. This is our time some blog Shanghai Longfeng exchange chain should take into account the lack of this kind of site not long life cycle.

The exchange of

instability two: Shanghai dragon blog may pay too much attention to the details of the

well, from the above we can see that the key role played by the friends of the chain in the site in the us. As in the Shanghai dragon circle quality basically every Shanghai dragon Er all hands a Shanghai dragon blog chain? The author will analyze the

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