Three factors influencing on website ranking

Three factors influencing on website ranking

September 3, 2017 bksuroys 0

are the same in the absence of other factors, there is no special or original content is difficult to receive the popular search engine. If you tell you optimize the staff to you without any special resources of the site to the front row, the result is difficult to predict, but even if he made a good ranking effect, so ranking changes is very normal.

internal search engine can obtain the initial trust, but the external resources to the chain will always affect the site ranking. Who is the first link to your website? Who in the first month of reference to your site? These links are natural or deliberate

there are many similar documents or resources, the search engine is how to select high-quality resource

outside the chain of quality is higher, more high quality links, more can obtain the trust of the search engine in the shortest time, to get a good ranking.


The particularity of ?


The quality of


for new sites, there is no chain resources determines the reliability of the website.

region will also be affected, with the main keywords in different areas, the difficulty is not the same, although there are some areas of users demand, but not what competition.

outside the chain of resources

we are very clear if the competition website more, more time is needed. The degree of competition based on user search engine to a number of retrieval requests, retrieval requests or high or low, with business goals or without business objectives, with or without the target consumer. In different search engines have different competitors, because the home page display result is selected by different algorithms "player" consisting of.

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some Heresy (such as spam and fraudulent click software) can get ranked in a very short period of time, but will soon fall, such examples have been It is quite common for the. Benign regular Shanghai dragon strategies to make your site’s ranking jingjiubucui. This article from PCCW network (贵族宝贝ynynyn贵族宝贝/marketing-website/), when reproduced please indicate the source.

Optimization of

marketing type website construction initial, what kind of preparation work should be in site planning? This article will give you some inspiration. Search engine optimization (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai dragon) work can improve the flow continuously for the enterprise website construction. Today I will take you to discuss the Shanghai Dragon – Shanghai dragon work long time can improve the site’s ranking from another angle, let us analyze factors influence the effective time of what Shanghai dragon.

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