To enhance the user experience of the original can also be so simple

To enhance the user experience of the original can also be so simple

September 3, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

second is clearly the structure with wrap apart, that visitors can clearly and quickly access to content. Hierarchy. So if I had to choose, I will choose second ways of reading.

is the first network optimization article publishing structure is extended and the letter wrote, a part of a paragraph, and not separated:

if you agree!

following the first look from the Wall Street journal that when they capture, typesetting universal, multi paragraph and simple:

is the first paragraph structure distribution is regular, but in the middle of the content but let readers have a word of staring, otherwise it may be in the reading to the middle when a little of don’t know where to go, have to start again. Comparison of the user experience a lot of the poor


if you agree with me, let us start from here. Only reasonable will be subdivided into several short long, middle spaces for visitors is not easy to visual fatigue. This will greatly enhance the visitor friendly sentiment on the website. And then pay attention to a number of portals, basically using the second pieces of the structure of

, thank you!

to enhance the user experience sometimes is so simple. The old man network ( and the letter of the sharing of experience, A first, please keep the link


share in see the webmaster experience (including of course to write their own article), originally process is to enjoy, but I do not know why sometimes tired. But in view of the Wall Street journal, a sudden feeling let me see light suddenly, please look at the pictures, please look at the top

excuse me as a reader, the top two chart that will make you more willing to read the


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