The interaction is not interactive FAQ

The interaction is not interactive FAQ

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The construction method of


The value of

FAQ mostly in technology websites, it is often said that the FAQ FAQ is English Frequently Asked Questions abbreviation, Chinese means "frequently asked questions", popularly called the faq.

from the Nantong Shanghai Dragon (www.banzhu Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) a branch of feeds, starting A5, please note.

in Shanghai Longfeng Er established their own website, FAQ is very necessary, but it should be noted that the FAQ system was established in order to solve user problems, these problems are not available in conventional content sites, do not repeat, do not stack on which users no valuable information you think that, it will cause the user antipathy.

FAQ can be seen in many Shanghai dragon website, lists some common problems of users, is a common form of online help. Site visitors will often encounter some seemingly simple in using the website function or service, but not through the description of the problem may be difficult to understand, sometimes because of the impact of these details and lose the user. In fact, in many cases, as long as the simple explanation can solve these problems, this is the value of FAQ.

"FAQ" actually is not an interactive function, because it is "interactive", basically do not merely provide solutions to the most frequently encountered problem for visitors. The reason to emphasize here it is because no matter what type of website, FAQs are for Shanghai dragon website based configuration is very good, and to build a good FAQ, the need for a friendly interaction between website builders and real users, from the user’s point of view, collect users of the most commonly encountered problem to write the faq.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform FAQ

in the process of establishing the FAQ system specific, webmaster can long-term and customer contact, communication, exchange, sorting out the customer the most concern and the most frequently encountered problems, and these problems clear structure placed in the FAQ system, so as to play a good effect.

in the network marketing and electronic commerce website in Shanghai Longfeng, FAQ is considered to be a common online customer service, a good FAQ system, should at least be able to answer the user of more than 85% of the general and common problems. This is not only convenient for users, but also greatly reduces the site staff pressure, save a large number of customer service cost, and increase the user experience satisfaction. Therefore, you think, a good down to earth’s website, should pay attention to the design of FAQ.


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