The love of Shanghai included a few points update experience

The love of Shanghai included a few points update experience

August 30, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

Summary: the correlation between

4. Links (quality related, pan related and unrelated):

Links can be included in the chain inside said, but I think the Links chain is controllable; the outer chain is not controllable, you may send in A5, you also need to send in the station network, this is the chain distribution better, but also their acquisition station there stood. If your website is not collected with related websites is not conducive to search engine included, also said I’m going to say, and the related correlation.


1. Original: original divided into original and pseudo original.


I personally think that the 3.

update every day regardless of the weather, don’t need to update every day on time, but updated once a day, it is good for search engine. The article can be a simple update. Or spend a little money to find someone to write soft pig or 100-200 yuan a month is enough. Stick to one to two months, the weight of your site is up, flow up.

finished, I would like to mention the chain, after all, "the chain for emperor"

my station is to do the film, I Links to do with the movie related Links is related, if I had a talent website, shopping website, and other type of website is not relevant. Is not related to the Links will reduce the search engine included the amount of your.

collection sites not in this category.

chain and

what is the pan pan related related? Is my website is to do the film, Links website is to do the movie download site, movie props, such as film surrounding the site is related to the pan. The weight of the website to be the highest, the related second, not related to the union is best not to do, will reduce the search engine on the amount included in your.

For example,

2. daily update: original and pseudo original

search engine to the original article have very high weight. Enhance the website weight article love Shanghai will look a lot, this is not to say, I just want to say, some experience of love Shanghai included update.

original meaning from the original work or the creation of the Internet starting work.

Links or chain to weight is the best, the original.

Internet community has been "content is king, the chain for the emperor", today in my personal website as an example, the principle of detailed analysis about this sentence.

chain Links pointsIn fact,

released the chain of ordinary was a variety of message boards, ah, ah a lot of forum can leave a message where is a good place for us to send the chain.

pseudo original by pseudo original software. The simple point that is to make software replacement meaning similar phrases, so that search engine mistaken for original works, so called pseudo original.

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