A talk about my own views the Shanghai dragon all understand

A talk about my own views the Shanghai dragon all understand

August 28, 2017 bksuroys 0

search engine itself is designed to help users and webmasters station is for the purpose of good service users, so we can summarize the conclusion is to do users need certain contents, namely from the heart feeling is to help users. The only way is the content, you put the user first, users will love you and accept you, will eventually bring you word of mouth, bring the return rate, bring super sticky. If you are purely to update to include such updates may bring some traffic, but you are to help yourself.

is taking into account both search engine and user. For search engines, he does not support the Flash and Ajax capture, but for users, the use of these things is not necessarily detrimental to the user, the user experience is also very strong on the contrary. But SE temporary technical reasons, so we have both, and sometimes need to focus on the search engine side. For example, the site structure and layout, to follow the left on the principles, such as the URL link, more prone to static. So in the structure, SE cannot be considered separately, but also can not completely meet users, and strive to do our best to them.

said Shanghai Longfeng, many webmaster to Shanghai dragon understanding for flow, in fact. Shanghai dragon is a means of promotion, push.


website ranking is a surface based on the results of the influence of many factors. But does not rule out the possibility of cheating, or the search engine itself, cannot make effective adjustment of certain methods, SE itself may also should consider the overall, so for some cheating way to rank only temporarily open one eye closed, until will gradually improve. So we should correct understanding of the site keywords ranking is not caused by a certain factors, such as external links, but by global factors. Specific to the case, we do not always stand when too much external links, as long as the rankings, immediately think of the chain, such ideas will affect their thinking in Shanghai Longfeng development to a certain extent.

Shanghai dragon in the structure to consider

Shanghai dragon in the content is to help users

Shanghai dragon is very magical, very ordinary. The magic is through some methods and techniques that make the site keywords in the search engine is the front position, bring flow and value which is trivial; it is just a thought, which is standing in the perspective of a search engine, to help users better and more efficient to find their needed information. I contact Shanghai Longfeng for nearly three years, from the beginning to become familiar with the unsuspectingly today, let me understand Shanghai dragon also change. For the rest of the webmaster, I think is a view, each one has its own merits. Today I talk with you my own understanding of Shanghai dragon.

of Shanghai Longfeng consider diversification in the rankingsKeywords

Shanghai dragon in purpose is not all traffic

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