Based on the latest hot video to create high quality original articles

Based on the latest hot video to create high quality original articles

August 28, 2017 azwnolxx 0

              but we watched their video Youku, Sina News? Our topic today is how to according to their released video news to write original articles.

              fourth, according to the video content, use their own language combined with the video introduction to edit the contents of the article. In the process of content editing, best can summarize what the video tells the story, and you can view and, if inconvenient explanation is your personal point of view, can be written as reference users comments. This article editing is completed, not only summarizes the description of video information, but also presents some views, make the article more readable.

              video search by Title Second, love Shanghai and noble baby, remove too many video related articles. If the relevant instructions on this video too many articles, is not conducive to our original, so this kind of video not.

              first, the focus of the latest release of the video website to find out, and choose your site and related video information. For the website, the correlation is stronger the more conducive to the website optimization and keyword ranking, you know.

              fifth, the interception of one to two video images in the article, and the pictures and explanatory text, and the video is inserted into your post. Illustrated is a good article, this is we all know the truth.

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              for the website, high quality original articles can not only make the search engines fast included will also increase the weight of the site, but to write high quality original articles to our stationmaster is not an easy thing. Now say you want to write the content written by others I do not know how many times, I want to write some personal characteristics, a difficult word.

              third, to view the video content, and summarizes the attractive title in their own language. In general the title, the title must have a certain appeal, concise language is best, but be careful not to distort the title for some videos, or would lead to trouble, you know this.

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