n the face of the elusive search engines love Shanghai Shanghai dragon decide on what path to foll

n the face of the elusive search engines love Shanghai Shanghai dragon decide on what path to foll

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people love Shanghai very shameless, that their products are all lined up in front of the keywords seize a lot of traffic, but you have not thought about why? If the user clicks the love Shanghai’s own discovery of these products did not solve their needs, users click on it again will continue to click? Certainly not! Also, if the user is using search engines love Shanghai, to find what you want, will not join any search engine’s arms to go inside, such as search, is not such a reason? This is why love Shanghai can seize their own products and not many words said these product attributes naturally good, not to say these things because of the love of Shanghai’s own row will come up, because the user needs to solve


we first talk about why love Shanghai search engine can occupy so much China search market share, Google is still in China why in the market, you can love Shanghai from a tiger from the meat, to create stable landscape yourself, the reason is very simple, love the sea search engine is the user experience, and do the matter for the webmaster, or for the user, can merger search experience! This is why love Shanghai search engine firm existence reason for so many years, the main line is the core, today we share the contents of user needs

then go back to the problem today, facing the elusive love Shanghai search engine, Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow! Is actually very simple, with the search engine, we can imagine that love Shanghai algorithm is like a tree, of too many people are in the research method, the algorithm changes, how can do let the search engine satisfaction, but the search engine is always the trunk of user needs, why should we dwell on algorithm changes led to the site being punished, because as long as your site truly meet the needs of users, do not you say the search engine will naturally take you to the front row position of absolute dominance after all, the search engine will be afraid of being abandoned by the user, are constantly improving themselves, and as a webmaster I especially recently love The function change of Shanghai Webmaster Platform mass on the deeply felt the love in Shanghai more and more fit the user’s idea and action or thought

!The ultimate goal of the

Shanghai dragon is user demand

search search engine has occupied Chinese search market is not a small share, but the love is still Chinese Shanghai search engine search market leader, occupying a large share of the market, can be said to be the time around a lot of websites about too many sites of vital importance, the fate of many because the search engines love Shanghai enterprises to seize the market, has been a qualitative leap, there are also many enterprises like Shanghai search engine algorithm changes suddenly disappeared from the Internet, never seen. In the face of this elusive love Shanghai, subject to changing moods of search engine, Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow?

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