Love is not the official Shanghai weight so unbelievable

Love is not the official Shanghai weight so unbelievable

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weight of the standard, so some of my friends think that we in the optimization of the web site, should not to love Shanghai weight as reference data, that love Shanghai weight is not credible.

site traffic refers to visit our website, and love Shanghai estimated flow is based on our keywords and long tail keywords ranking, keyword index data of Shanghai love Shanghai love can give us is expected to bring the flow of the site. The traffic expected results are not really representative of our website.

Shanghai is expected to flow the weight of love optimization

10000-49999 weight 6

love Shanghai weight and not like Google PR, IBM hits, Sogou SR like algorithm, is a comprehensive rating on the website. Just love Shanghai weight rating for the degree to welcome the keyword ranking website brings.

0-99 1

for love Shanghai weight explanation we can see that love is a love of Shanghai Shanghai weight flow prediction decision, so the first us love Shanghai traffic prediction.

, a website I was present as an example:


Shanghai is expected to flow the weight of love From the above Because love is not the official Shanghai

love love Shanghai in Shanghai for the weight of specially made an announcement:

love is love Shanghai weight station, webmaster tools, website for web site keywords ranking is expected to bring traffic to the site, the site of third party hierarchy of 0-10 popularity evaluation data.

100-499 2

yesterday in the QQ group and friends to discuss some related issues about Shanghai dragon, some novice webmaster asked some questions about love and love Shanghai Shanghai weight estimate traffic. So today Xuzhou ewang would like to give you some content about this aspect.

yesterday also said at the time of the discussion whether estimated flow and love Shanghai weights exist specific digital formula.


Chinaz webmaster query definition of love Shanghai weight rule:

1000-4999 weight 4

Shanghai is expected to flow the weight of love


5000-9999 weight 5


500-999 3

The following is the

obviously, love Shanghai estimated flow of 22, and yesterday’s browse number is 65, but in yesterday’s situation of 35.29% traffic from search engines love Shanghai, calculate the estimated flow of love can be seen in Shanghai is still relatively accurate data.

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