Dead link serious harm on how to clean up the site chain

Dead link serious harm on how to clean up the site chain

August 12, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

clean up the site of dead links is the use of shielding method, shield method is called by the robots.txt document will shield the link, let the search engine spiders can’t find these links, search engine from the perspective of this method is effective, it has escaped the search engine punishment. But this method can’t be used for a long time, because it will cause the entire site waste too much information, as well as through 404 pages of guide to click, and the effect of the user and search engine friendly.

clean up the site of invalid links do the long-term development of the website is the basic way of death after link head through query tool check out the dead links can go to the website to avoid using some special methods, modify the site links, let the search engine spiders next came to the site when there is a very good capture process, the following methods the author summed up his own website remove dead links and the webmaster to share.


With the development of dead link website

cleanup sites link to die can be transformed into the page, when you check into the web page does not exist can be set into the page transformation, but the process is more complex, if the death of the web site links too much, then the owners of the technology and patience is a challenge. The author suggests that the conversion technology is not very high webmaster can find some professional technical personnel in the task of Admin5 intermediary links, so only need a little money can get the best result.

Second methods

website dead link affects the website development to a great extent, the search engine spiders came to the site when such dead links may end web crawling, from spiders to crawl the historical information, it is running a full cycle, assuming that your site has dead links, then it will be terminated this cycle of development of the site influence is very big. Now there are many query link tools, these tools can effectively check whether the site is dead links, and many website owners pay too much attention on the external website optimization, ignoring the internal links to check the website, which is the development of the website is a loss.

website is supporting the development of more development, dead link on the website of the less.

Third methods The first method

clean up the site of dead links can be removed after the website links, when your site has a dead link, you think will not affect these links on the web site, you can delete these links, but must be careful of not expanding the delete link in the process of deleted, delete links not too multi link can be deleted, dying. And when some column links must not be deleted, that will result in the lack of website, standing on the perspective of the user experience of speaking not favorable to the user, the user may enter your website, the next time you see your site will be directly closed, can not form the two user access rate.

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