2013 new enterprise site optimization techniques and new strategy

2013 new enterprise site optimization techniques and new strategy

August 12, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

engaged in enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon ER, a fact that is generally agreed, received the enterprise customer site, there are more or less such problems:

so, for this type of enterprise website, the author starts with the implementation of enterprise website optimization from which the key points of

1. enterprise website architecture is simple, and the structure design of internal website is not reasonable.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng relates to share optimization techniques, the search engine basically to love Shanghai, then this article the author is no exception. After love Shanghai search engine algorithm updated several times, I think in many webmaster website optimization techniques, should make the corresponding adjustments, mainly in response to love Shanghai spark plan, pomegranate algorithm, algorithm and chain algorithm scindapsus. The author is engaged in enterprise website optimization is more than a year, today want to use this platform to share, I summed up the 2013 new enterprise site optimization techniques and new strategy.

2. enterprise web pages (and even some little customer web page is not more than 10, the navigation column [news] or [no] can update the industry dynamic information).

second: enterprise web content. The enterprise website content, not only reflected the latest update on the news or industry news section, it should also reflect the core content of the website, is the core value of the site optimization in the website reflects the speaking skills. Stand in a professional Shanghai Longfeng company perspective, news, in addition to the company and update the latest relevant, best editing articles have the marketing effect of the products, of course, long tail key words in the article can reflect the key word site is the most appropriate.

?The first point: In fact, a lot of

third: enterprise website construction of the external links. The chain is the need to focus on the.

enterprise website architecture. Generally speaking, the enterprise customer site, since the signing of the contract’s sake, within three months, the enterprise website keyword must be on the line. So the enterprise website structure adjustment needs to consider these factors: (1) a snapshot of the site. (2) included in the site. (3). The quality and quantity of the chain website. (4). Web site keywords ranking. (5) the location and distribution of the web site keywords. If these factors will not affect the cycle of on-line to keywords, website structure can be adjusted, but it is important to note that if the website structure is not conducive to optimize, so site architecture is must make adjustment. For example: 1. there is no updated news and information sector. 2. there is no exchange of chain plate. The 3. page plate design unreasonable impact the user experience or page style in different browsers are not compatible.

3. external optimization techniques do not follow the recommendation of the construction of the external links Shanghai to give official love.

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