Analysis of the causes of the three QQ cattle station was drop right what have you learnt from

Analysis of the causes of the three QQ cattle station was drop right what have you learnt from

August 12, 2017 lejlgizx 0

new year, suddenly had arrived on 2013, at the beginning of the new year, love Shanghai also sent you some surprise and sorrow, surprise in December 31st 12 when love Shanghai once again updated website weight a lot of soaring traffic increases. Sorrow is the update, so many websites were killed in love Shanghai search engine, including some of the weight of an old station. Love Shanghai why at the end of 2012 to make such a big update, I believe that every webmaster know, love Shanghai is undoubtedly let more webmaster vigilant whether their website is cheating bad "hidden", but for those in terms of content and user experience to do a good website to encourage so, today Xiaobian to analyze some cattle stand down the right reasons, I hope you can give you some alert.

1, website ranking for a long time, traffic reached hundreds of thousands, but because the amount is large, the site is often in the open state, the server speed is very slow, for a long time, is undoubtedly become one of the main risks of K.

(a) analysis of the causes of Org net right down.

is a small QQ station in Shanghai, after the love update, see a lot of QQ website ranking, accidentally found some old station in Shanghai several love big update in enduring such as: Kath ORG, QQ good sister, net net more cattle station, both in the subject of love Shanghai right down by the K processing, from aizhan historical information can be seen in these stations have been hundreds of thousands of flow station, but now it is not any amount, they have such a cow, why in this update was not spared? Xiaobian also has carried on the analysis to the three station.

2, the content of the website and its reasons, the weight is good because it is the old station, but in recent years, the quality of the content than the similar sites is very general, content is not good website right down is normal by search engines.

3, website article added a lot of chain, from the algorithm after a promotion, you know if you frequently do within the chain if the search engine is likely to be considered cheating, but this is a typical example. In fact, the first time I stood before www.name2012贵族宝贝 also added a lot to the chain optimization ranking, the effect is really very good, but the time is not very long, so in the future development, now has not added in the chain in the article, in fact, go natural optimization route is the best.

4, website memory in the exchange flow behavior, we can look into the site, as long as it is on the head of the content is connected to other sites, so for such a situation is likely to be considered cheating and the sale of Shanghai love to link the case for processing.

(two) analysis of the causes of Kath’s sister website down right.


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