How should the enterprise to pay attention to the image search engine

How should the enterprise to pay attention to the image search engine

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if you are commissioned by the website construction company to help you build enterprise website, then you should ensure that you have the website source code and space FTP, so that it was convenient for Shanghai dragon after adjustment. Enterprise site links station of Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, because the average enterprise stand the number of pages are very small, so, should communicate with the site of the company, will be total static page. If the total page can be static, at least can ensure that the search engine index page of the website is a completed a large block of Shanghai Longfeng demand changes.

enterprise station link Shanghai Dragon:

Optimization of

home page: first page title, description tag, should be carefully designed, do not stack keywords in the page title, should have the form of a clear, containing the target keywords can. About the title, keywords, description of the optimization of several label, can read this article: the title, description and keywords of the choice and the Shanghai dragon. Try to make each page has its own title, the title page of all stations are not the same.


internal links: internal links is also very important, but for the small and medium-sized enterprise stand for, as the importance of large website. Enterprise internal link station, only need according to related to the links between pages. Let the search spider to smooth up to each page.

H1 tags, each page should use a H1 and H1 labels should be nested is the theme of the page.

external links: after the small and medium-sized enterprises stand well, may be appropriate to exchange some external links.

, two page links, Shanghai Dragon:

three, link the Shanghai Dragon:

today it is borrows A5 this platform provides a basic guide to Shanghai dragon to small and medium-sized enterprises, hope every enterprise can give to their own site to do some basic Shanghai dragon, may your industry, is not a hot industry. Some basic skills have been enough to make Shanghai Longfeng, your website at the top. Even if you can’t let the rankings, you can also find after the Shanghai dragon company to optimize it, to create a good foundation for the web site.

content is refers to the enterprise product or service station information, enterprise station should arrange one or two editors to keep 2, 3 days to update some product news, write some products or services of the original content, there is some help for the website ranking.

through the network gradually development, now most of the enterprises have their own units of the site even more than one, the development of the enterprise without the brand exhibition to promote corporate image, and let me tell you how to pay attention to their corporate image search engine.

page links, Shanghai dragon, there are the following: 1, the page title, description and application; 2 H1 tag; 3, content.

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