Bidding training account optimization and keyword bidding relationship

Bidding training account optimization and keyword bidding relationship

August 12, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

for the account that the promotion of good can still be, to continue to expand the business, enhance the effect, so want to add more keywords and optimize business spread. And when I took over after it carried out keyword analysis, the following screenshot shown:


advertising suggestion: the circle of bidding price keywords to improve, to ensure its development value, achieve the desired effect of the promotion. But if the keyword shows the price is too high, for the keyword analysis, promotion value, importance of interpretation of words, if the lower will be deleted.


keyword search and invalid state display what mean? That the keywords have a certain amount of retrieval, but the account has a chance to show advertising for the keywords are not, therefore its price is lower than the lowest price show.

state search volume low

of course, the bidding account can also optimize the analysis of account balances, budget, and quality of online time, the number of keywords, keywords and creative state, to guide the account >

state should not be extendedKeywords

advertising bidding proposal: circle can be optimized and modified according to the account system of the reasons given by the replacement or substitution method, if not in the optimization or replace words can be deleted.

invalid search state Keywords:

accounts in the search keyword search volume is invalid, low status, not only takes account of resources, but also to some extent increase the cost of management, but can not bring the actual promotion effect. So how to optimize the


suggestion: use substitution to replace similar meaning and a certain amount of retrieval keywords, so as to ensure the display of probability, should play a promotion value so. This requires the user to search for in-depth study habits.

At present, there are many

if the submitted not be approved, for keywords state shows unfavorable promotion, why not be approved? For many reasons, and love Shanghai account will give the corresponding prompt. Keywords such as may be harmonious, URL is not correct, tort, not standardized, such problems have occurred between sites.



keyword search volume low the display rate low, users search for the keyword probability is low, even if the user search keywords the bidding advertising probability is very low. From the side reaction of such a problem: the problem of user search habits. So how can we improve this for

at the beginning of the year, the advertising circle over a love Shanghai for promotion account for this account structure with messy to describe is not excessive, and the situation is more half-dead for promotion of the state, and the essentials of promotion advertising circle as an example.



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