Business success requires getting up early take a look at the schedule of T chiefsDo not know how t

Business success requires getting up early take a look at the schedule of T chiefsDo not know how t

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English station is an indisputable fact, the problem is how to make money? How to expand the flow? The shlf1314 Adsense advertising, English station became xiangbobo English station is indeed a quick shortcut to do build up the family fortunes, the thoughts and practices English station.

is it really? At least in our opinion, whether it is forced to "not only high or most willing to," "people do not sleeping, but they are not up early to bed and early to describe appropriate, because they will not get up early, early to bed. This is not about Thomas Andy, Benjamin Franklin does not love to sleep but will let you see the story, in the well-known enterprises especially the IT enterprise spiritual head of these "super high" level people have much. The Hurun Research Institute has published a "China millionaires brands tend to report", visited more than 500 at least qianwanji Regal, which showed the rich the average working day of 6.6 hours of sleep, 30% billionaires working less than 6 hours of sleep. So, if you want a successful friend, you might as well start by imitating the routines of these big brothers.

1. chairman of the board of directors of the Tencent and CEO Ma Huateng

is currently a lot of foreign advertising only accept English station, many advertising tend to put advertising in the English station, so there is no doubt that English station will be able to choose more advertising opportunities, so that nature can make more money. More options, the advertising price is high, we know more than a foreign China RMB is much higher, the dollar depreciate more powerful, but also one is worth six euros, don’t talk more, a euro top ten yuan, so the rise, a click advertising is probably a few dollars, or even a dozen dollars.

history >

domain name server and not much restrictions, there is no special requirements, GG alliance must be stated by the international domain name and foreign server English station, this station can do don’t care too much. Of course, the best choice of foreign servers, foreign servers cheap and good, but management means better than

domestic chapter:

two, how to do the content of English station


said that in an enterprise, the high level and play more of a phenomenon early coordinate curve type, that is to say, a start into the workplace all have a certain level of sleepiness, began to rise, with the level of increase, up time is also more and more early, to the high level. Began sleeping.

created Ma Huateng, the penguin Empire, who sacrificed his time while changing the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people. The Tencent’s employees to the boss’s schedule are suffering before 12 a.m., Ma Huateng often does not work, can always find a lot of problems to give feedback to the relevant person in charge, you had to accompany, to solve the problem together, until late at night. Even Ma Huateng’s parents are often affected, Ma Huateng’s mother, Huang Huiqing, said, "the more successful children are, the harder their parents are.". Ma Huateng’s business was successful, but we had to take care of him in life, and his father had to dress him when he retired. Because the hours are different, we have to wait for him until midnight when his father falls asleep on the sofa because he is waiting for him. He has a bad cold."

, for Ren Zhengfei, the biggest challenge is to kill himself. HUAWEI’s toughest gene is his one hand implant. HUAWEI is Ren Zhengfei, and Ren Zhengfei is HUAWEI. He is a typical workaholic, whose career is much more important than family. In HUAWEI, there is a " a mattress culture; " everyone has a cushion; it is used for sleep during overtime; Ren Zhengfei also has a humble bed in his office. Ren Zhengfei encourages employees to work hard. Data show that European research and development personnel work about 1400 hours a year, while HUAWEI Chinese R & D personnel work time doubled.

3. giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu

2., President of HUAWEI Ren Zhengfei

three, domain name and server selection to be careful,

one, English station is more profitable than Chinese station

English station is the most headaches than content, no content is not enough, need to expand the flow of original content, the problem is that we don’t know how to do English? Through some translation software, such as my secretarial chowder online articles are original, I use translation software, the original the article translated into English, so a Chinese website will become English website, you can put GG ads to make money. shlf1314 Adsense can do some of the high price keywords, the current online circulation of high priced English keywords list, there are some useful, a click on a dozen or tens of dollars of income is true. At English station the most secure theme is the interactive web site or the content of the original, interactive platform mainly provides services such as BBS, allow users to comment on the view; original content needs the webmaster write their own articles, this is difficult, but is time-consuming. You can choose the relative safety of the theme music better than the movie, the good news is that the comments than good, in spite of all copyright infringement, but also has light weight, if the probability of your theme is relatively safe that complaints and reports will be small. Leaving full copyright information, search engines will be interested. Pay attention to complaints, whether it is from the original author or search engine, once received a report immediately warning and response, the revised amendment, delete the delete, if you want to do this for a long time, so it is also very important, not because of a few dollars and damage the overall situation of petty profits.

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