How do the new station on the line for half a month from Google 30 thousand

How do the new station on the line for half a month from Google 30 thousand

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is a website in search engine optimization, must first consider the love of Shanghai, this is no doubt, after all, love Shanghai occupied nearly 70% of the search market share. The second consideration is the 360 search, this is no doubt, because the 360 search occupied nearly 20% of the search market share. The third consideration is the Sogou search, this is still in doubt, especially because Sogou search and search be made one Sogou search have roughly 1 search market share. So, this paper also wrote what Google search optimization in

second, the website must have a reasonable structure. Only with the reasonable structure of the website, search engine spiders can more smoothly on the website of the overall architecture of an understanding, also can smoothly to crawl web pages. This is like a road, if down a road, the car can be free to exercise the freedom; and if it is a winding road, the car will be very laborious, even broke down in the process of moving. Similarly, the search engine spiders into a web site, if the site structure is clear, you can easily search spider crawling smoothly, crawl, otherwise, the spider will not be happy and return even stuck on your website.

is this: first, Google has a market share, although small, but because of the large amount of users Chinese, every day Google certainly is not in the minority, that is to say, in the Google optimization is good, still can bring a lot of traffic to the site. Secondly, the operation method in this paper said that each search engine general, but because Google is the fastest response, so less than half a month, a new station can be included in 30 thousand pages. Well, nonsense not say, the following is to introduce how to make a new station on the line for half a month by Google included 30 thousand page


first, want to make a web site included 30 thousand pages by search engines, you must ensure that there are so many web pages, but also to ensure that these pages are valuable. Because if your site is not so much a page, the search engine will naturally not grab so many pages, and if your site is not so much by the search engines that are valuable pages, search engines will also be captured so much and put it in the user in the search results.

fourth, establish and submit site map. Site map to tell the search engine’s own website which pages, so that search engine crawling you >

third, the internal links must be rich. The chain is a very important thing. To search engine, to ensure that every page on the website can enter from the other page must first. This point is the site within the chain is rich enough to achieve. At the same time, when the search spiders access to a page on your website, the page recommend some other internal links, can guide the search spider into the site of the new page smoothly, never promote more pages crawled.

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