CTO Memoirs of a famous European company my failed lesson in businessnternet marketing and marketin

CTO Memoirs of a famous European company my failed lesson in businessnternet marketing and marketin

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until the game really started, the information is constantly updated, the screen will be maxed out. We are faced with new problems: the most serious is that a large number of users send information, so that the chat window is confused, users simply do not have time to read the contents of the chat window. After that, we continue to think of ways to solve this problem and apply transfer >


2010 is not booming, the company’s data growth is slow, although new users continue to enter, but it is far from enough. We kept looking for directions, and at that time we had made at least 2 completely opposite plans. First, the closed video group is opened so that users can see each other. After that we felt deeply wrong, and began to pay attention to text chat.

things start with Toni contact me, when he was looking for an excellent developer for start-ups. It was January 2010, and I remember he sent me a Email first, and after reading it, I decided to call him.

tries to find the right direction 2010

in the domestic Internet started to now, basically is the use of marketing research Limited or market research this way to get out of a direction. Budgets for entrepreneurs and other small businesses are far too limited.       and now, through the Internet, small businesses, they have more market research programs to the Internet, playing side by side". In the study, it is easier to find the source, mainly their qualitative and quantitative. And achieve real benefits on the internet.  : market and marketing research:   there are several types of research statements, and the research of market origin and classification is carried out!  : marketing and marketing research: divided into two types of       1.; for example, your company has a new product. Generally speaking, the advantages of the product and the price of the product can be handled well. But slowly, you can find that with other companies, they also introduce some low prices and similar products to your company. Well, it will also start you in the first step of researching the origins of the market.       2.; the other is the search for research in basic research, or research begins in place. You can get secondary research materials either by purchasing or by looking for free resources.   how marketing and market research are conducted: qualitative and quantitative   qualitative research and exploration are often directional. The subject of the subject, and the clues you collect through other sources, may also be your best source. Quantitative research was designed for analysis and calculation. The results of this study do not yield more accurate statistical results than qualitative studies. In general, the company conducts qualitative research, develops a concept, or looks for ideas, and then does quantitative research, fine-tuning, and optimization.   intermediate marketing and marketing research   as a small business budget, your research will be limited to research. Good news or bad news. Or more discoveries?. Search for information you might find on the internet. Get good and bad useful information.     what’s more, you can get data from the Internet to study and find the source of some markets. News reports, etc…… A message may give you a source of the market. Or year-end reports, etc., you can also find some information on the information industry, so you have to enlighten…             another source of research on enterprise land two. Its main business is to conduct preliminary research or preparation for clients and to obtain their feedback. Sometimes they may ask you for some information about your company and so on……   qualitative major research methods;  

During the I was

story begins,

, we moved on, and the seed money came from Tekes, a Finland based investor specializing in technology and innovation.

call, I told Toni, "I can’t find the developers who are excellent and free, but I’m willing to join them."." Toni seemed happy, and then we met formally.

sofanatics CTO Chief Technology Officer, sofanatics has been regarded as the most popular European start-ups, but we still failed to grow, sofanatics is now closed. I have gained a lot of experience here, and I share the experience of these years. I hope I can help others.

my job was to write code all the time.


I met Toni at the office and another company co-founder, Sami. I’ve known Sami before, because he showed me a functional application concept. At that time we exchanged the concept of product, which I had never thought of before, so I was very impressed. I told them I needed to think about joining the company, and after a few days, I decided to join.

our company’s slogan is, "you will never watch it alone."". Obviously inspired by Liverpool’s slogan and team song, "you’ll never walk alone."". The idea was to build a video chat platform for the fans, so that they could watch the match and communicate with each other through text so that they would no longer be lonely. Sounds like a good idea, isn’t it,

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