Seed investment in Silicon Valley is slowing both the number of transactions and the total amount of

Seed investment in Silicon Valley is slowing both the number of transactions and the total amount of

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when reporters began to think about the problem, the first to think of the 3G portal Zhang Xiangdong. He comes from Beijing university. The 3G portal is the most influential in the field of wireless portal, is a typical "North Gang", Yu Qiang, Zhang Xiangdong, Deng entrepreneurial team often Yingming three are university classmates.

serial entrepreneur, entrepreneur mentor and adjunct professor at Stanford University Steve · Blanke Steve Blank pointed out that the "big company start-up companies in the twenty-one driver was able to subvert the traditional, not because they are more intelligent, but because they have enough funds to support."

data show that seed stage financing has declined over the past two years, and that the number of transactions has declined by about 40% since peaking in mid 2015. The amount of investment of the company is a green hand downward, although the decline is not so significant decline over the same period more than 24%.


for the decline, senior seed investors and industry analysts gave a variety of reasons.

however, two years ago, the seed investment boom has cooled. PitchBook VC data provider released a report last month, the second quarter, seed and angel investors completed a total of about 900 transactions, lower than the second quarter of 2016 1100 and the second quarter of 2015 nearly 1500 pen.

Zhang Xiangdong and a few years ago has not changed, still like a college student, with romantic long hair, wearing cotton t-shirts, casual pants. He has a strong body of university brand publicity, love their views and dislikes: the office is filled with his love of the red notebook, also posted a. The two equally impressive bicycles left the office narrow and the people who talked to him could not help casting their eyes away.

Abstract: Tsinghua University and Peking University are perhaps the two universities with the highest success rate in China. A lot of exciting entrepreneurial stories take them as the main characters. An interesting question is whether entrepreneurs from these two universities, like those at two colleges, can tell at a glance,

when they stepped into the school, they got the first proof of talent, such as intelligence, ability and so on. However, as two different factories, even if the same piece of high-quality materials, after four years or even longer processing, the product will be very different.

this may be the two highest success rate in China’s colleges and universities, a large number of exciting entrepreneurial stories with them as the protagonist. An interesting question is, as from the two universities whether entrepreneurs as the two college students, a glance to distinguish? If it is, from the same school entrepreneurs, whether there will be a similar

a variety of reasons,


investment in seed and angel investors totaled $1 billion 650 million in the second quarter of this year, slightly lower than $1 billion 750 million in the same period last year, significantly lower than $2 billion 190 million in the same period of 2015.

early stage financing can be regarded as the lifeblood of a technology ecosystem based on risk taking model. If you don’t get important resources at the beginning, you won’t be able to scale big enough to challenge the dominance of traditional big companies and grow into the next Uber or Airbnb.

it is said that female students in Beijing can identify the boys from Tsinghua University or Peking University in two minutes.

. This could have a big impact on Silicon Valley.

North adult uninhibited, more willing to do influential things, more "cross-border"; Tsinghua entrepreneurs low-key, pragmatic, easier to become a leader in market segments.

entrepreneurial path?

they talked about concerns about the valuations of start-up companies and the IPO initial public offerings market. Seed investors can usually use IPO to cash out. In the sports camera company GoPro, net loan platform LendingClub, SPORTS BRACELET company Fitbit and other parts of the much touted IPO performance are not satisfactory

August 2nd news, according to Reuters reports, Silicon Valley seed investment fever in the past two years in the cool down, regardless of the number of transactions or the total amount of both declined. Investors are becoming more cautious in investing in new technology companies.

‘s early investors known as "seed investors" or "angel investors" in Silicon Valley tend to be like youth training teams in the field of sports. They provide the entrepreneur with the first significant funding and guidance to help the latter demonstrate the effectiveness of its technology and to achieve the milestones it needs to attract more large-scale investments from venture capitalists.

different entrepreneurs personality


so obvious: if the boys talk, talk about the content and relevant state, you may cut in half, or fast for you to make a sharp criticism of the speech, he must be from the north; if they often reflect the group who was silent, just quietly listen to you, but in reality different hold only two, or even talk to girls said would blush, that they must be from tsinghua.

he’s just started a Peking University entrepreneur party, not only an entrepreneur, but also a hard nut to crack at school. Imagine that wine is an important part of the day’s party. The 9 meeting rooms at the new headquarters of the 3G portal are named after 9 famous wines, Zhang Xiangdong said. "We have a secret understanding of wine."."

The data are still slowing in the context of an explosion of interest from wealthy individuals and foreign investors investing in the next big thing, The difference of their

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