How do websites not rely on GG advertising to make moneyA station owner on a bicycle promotion websi

How do websites not rely on GG advertising to make moneyA station owner on a bicycle promotion websi

August 8, 2017 laecpour 0

first of all, these three thousand traffic is my hardcore, it is estimated that the article is written, to serve the leadership. For these people I do: one is to intensify propaganda, mainly to promote writing service, including some of what, this society has a number of pettifoggery passengers, and earn some money by writing articles, I opened a special service on your behalf, through this website, I transfer business, earn price difference in an article at least three hundred, more than five hundred or six hundred, into my head from the one hundred or two hundred, there are GG every two or three days trading, ad three thousand flow about ten yuan, you make money is not writing faster than GG advertising

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

four exchange links to make money. I am P2, a link can earn ten dollars, twenty links, a month can earn a hundred blocks.

writing here, it’s time to end. In a word, innovation is the soul, if our thinking is still stuck in the website, to engage in traffic, advertising, etc. the mode of money, then we will not go too far, good at thinking, willing to think about ways to make money, there will be.

? middle-aged people: no matter windy afternoon, whether weekend or holiday, where people are many, where there is his bike

if there is exchange of my 470666 figure King talk about the promotion, operation

Xuzhou dating web in his various traditional mode of promotion, at the sidelines, in all sob, he walked 1 and a half yearsThe cheapest

the pay, which is a lot of new experiences, we do the professional website reference and reference

I also do the occupation sensitive so I really want to get to know the webmaster

with several local webmaster talked about him, talk about the above story.

decided to invest in the network, after buying the server program, also There is not much left. In order to flow, he had to risk being ridiculed through many

step by step. In a year’s time. His website has rapidly grown to more than 30 thousand users, 4000 people a day online.

nature as an area of professional marriage website, such results can be proud of.

Secretary chowder rrrwm

at present, many websites are relying on sh419’s traffic, make GG advertising money, so we rely on is the two one God, we can not afford to offend, how to get rid of the shackles, many owners have put forward their own views. There is a saying Caiyuanguangjin, more than a few channels, don’t about money, your income is not cheap. The following talk about my approach, inappropriate, please webmaster criticism, correction.

five is extended service. Through friends, Taobao opened a promotion on the Internet, earn some pocket money.

three is a membership fee. The article must be new, strange, original and attractive. The website is free articles also have relatively good seasonal goods, over a period of time, I will put some vintage provided free reading, by attracting, guide, pay membership will be more and more natural.


two is to hang some Chanet, up to the advertising, these ads in the middle of the difference is relatively high, I put advertising on it, not on the home page, affecting speed. These promotional ads are more trustworthy.

himself made a secretary chowder nets, hang GG advertising, also made some money, but has been worried, but fortunately, I do stand is part-time, temporarily website without income, not as no meal. To be honest, sh419 K has gone three times, the latest one is now, how to increase traffic and make money has always been a headache for me. sh419 K into the home page, traffic is only three thousand, how to make use of these three thousand traffic to do something,

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