Dialogue today’s headlines founder 100 million financing behind the storyDo stand 4 years summed up

Dialogue today’s headlines founder 100 million financing behind the storyDo stand 4 years summed up

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‘s latest round of financing went well, and the two sides only talked for a month before finalizing the plan. More importantly, Zhang Yiming and his team and not because of financing and losing control of the company; and micro-blog Sequoia Capital did not set the stage of operational and financial objectives for today’s headlines, the pace of development is still controlled by the company itself.

I always thought Amway was a good idea, but it wasn’t connected to my website,

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because first, my English is not good, second, the product shipped over, expensive freight. For some time, it’s still impossible to link up with my website,

spent 4 years standing, a few years ago by the search engine traffic GG advertising, also earning thousands of dollars, but has been hovering around $1000, no matter how hard I try, my advertising revenue or not go, I analyzed the reason, is the limited energy, focus on this aspect. The results will certainly decline, so doing, or only hovering around $1000! Like a prostitute, a whoremaster earn 100, 10 times a day is 1000, 100 is 10 thousand, 1000 is 100 thousand, a woman can do several times a day?

a station, the flow is very big, only the big 10 stations, 100 stations, you have more energy to get through the tube, the tube is not over, put it only so little traffic, rely on advertising, break the days are so

later, about E Cosway, and I think this can be the website link to do

! !

C round of financing is led by Sequoia Capital, and today’s headlines closely micro-blog 18.78, 0.46, 2.51% was followed by cast. Rumours have suggested that the company’s valuation of today’s headlines amounts to $500 million, while Zhang Yiming jokes that the actual figure is even higher.


I made a local forum, a mall. The products are Cosway added to my store, there are tens of thousands of kinds of products, I can only choose a thousands of freight subsidies. The mall is done, I hand, optimize the use of keywords, and then proper propaganda, at the same time I made a name card, write on my store address, see a friend, say I opened an International Mall, which is sold on the international effect of good products. Let them have time to see it,

due to my personal I have a little introverted, not to the teacher as the others off the reel indoctrination, no sales skills, but do not mean to others, but I am a webmaster, I do it my own way, combined with the site

Zhang Yiming repeatedly stressed: "our company is not very aggressive."". In other words, he does not want to compromise for higher valuations than to trade

and I place the forum is a party, often organize activities, organize sports activities, I put the living water machine, the water is also very sweet, thirst, like spring, someone asked me if I like him, is our mall. In addition, I drink coffee, ah, toothpaste, ah, are also in my shop >!

Zhang Yiming,

Cosway and my site combination. The effect is much better than GG,

June 4th afternoon, an office building in Beijing, Haidian District, Zhichun Road. Zhang Yiming Qiazhao time went to the conference room, first through the glass to the familiar reporters waved, just push the door, squeeze through a narrow passage, sit down at the other end of the table.

the Fujian man just over thirty years of age, but it has become one of the most popular Internet circle of entrepreneurs. He had been involved in the creation of cruel dispatch, Fanfou and 99 rooms, is now doing a "class of information applications in today’s headlines, this week has just completed a $100 million C round of financing.

! !

but the reporter’s Zhang Yiming is more like an "otaku" engineer. He is of average build, plain, wearing a pair of nearsighted glasses, wearing light colored T-shirts and casual trousers, and not very different from the rest of the company. His men more love to call him "Yiming", rather than "zhang".

Cosway is Malaysia’s air and the idea of WAL-MART, and Amway is similar, is the sun and double line system upgrade due to kneel here I just want to introduce my station exchange, this experience is not a detailed description of the Cosway.

then found a Amway in the air, the American mainland Amway, called Quixtar, developed online, but it didn’t work.

behind the high valuations, is today’s headlines beautiful operating data. The company is currently only 200 people, but in less than two years, access to 120 million of the active users, the daily active users amounted to 13 million.

, in Zhang Yiming’s view, increasing exposure in the media, will be an important attempt in today’s headlines in 2014. Born in August 2012 today’s headlines, but also with the arrival of $100 million into a new stage of development.

last year, today’s headlines completed $10 million in B round of financing, investors include Haina Asia and DST. Since then, it has become the darling of capital pursuit. The investors will come here every one or two months to ask us about our operation. Our consideration at that time was that after the Spring Festival, we considered the C round." Zhang Yiming says.

, the effect is very good!

‘s technical background, is not used to dealing with the media. After the A round and B round of financing, today’s headlines are not widely publicized; to the C round, the marketing department was "forced" Zhang Yiming held a media communication will be small, in order to facilitate the promotion, he rarely go into the spotlight.

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