Most ground gas content Entrepreneurship Phoenix legend the Queen’s lyrics from the square dance au

Most ground gas content Entrepreneurship Phoenix legend the Queen’s lyrics from the square dance au

August 7, 2017 laecpour 0

, from the Civic Square in Beijing, capital of Yiwu, to the small commodities shop in Zhejiang, the city, has been dominated by highly brainwashing melodies.

2011, partner Zhang Huai students returning from Japan, he invited Zhang Chao founded the music content production company Lotus Pond, with the help of Zhang Chao resources and advantages in the field of creation, lotus pond located in the national pop music, mainly to undertake the production of enterprises and local governments to promote the song of songs from the beginning of last year, and the moonlight is no longer simply just provide the songs, but in song writing, singing songs to form a linkage promotion, MV productions and attractions on the ground, the B terminal project to further enlarge and deep. At present, the moonlight has signed more than 20 artists, more than 10 producers.

mobile phone color ring era, Phoenix Legend and Dao Lang is the hottest presence in the Chinese music market, the value of a song in the 100 million yuan level. In Yang Xiaobo’s view, although with online players become the mainstream has become a sunset industry, customized ringing tone, but now the music industry for customized ringing tone era is a test of music form, what is the most people love music types, times customized ringing tone has given the answer, it will not change because of changes in mode of music show. Like film and television, art belongs to art and commerce to commerce.

co-founder Yang Xiaobo said the company is now the main revenue still comes from the B end to make music, but from the beginning of this year the company will strive to create a line of music brand "Oriental Music Festival", looking for more content realized mode.

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Abstract: the era of mobile phone color ring, Phoenix Legend and Dao Lang was the most fervent existence of Chinese music, a song worth hundreds of millions of yuan. In his view, although the color ring has entered history, but "what is the people like music," CRBT gives the answer".

"our audience is to see the central three of the people, with cool people, people play fast."

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to establish the mom Alimama?

    and the vast number of Internet users, small and medium-sized sites are also an important part of the Internet world, they cover all areas of the network world, creating 80% of China’s Internet traffic. However, high pay and no high returns, small and medium-sized sites did not share their share of the cake: rough estimate, the current small and medium-sized sites only received 10% of the entire Internet advertising value. The development and change of

is a music production company, moonlight himself as a national style of pop music, but the music style more often with another name in the public discussion of the square dance divine comedy. For such an evaluation, Yang Xiaobo’s attitude is very inclusive, "he told the three sound": "we don’t care what others say we are square dance in Divine Comedy, because it shows that our music is subject to a lot of people love."

"our audience is those watching CCTV three sets of people, those who play with cool, fast people." Yang Xiaobo >

if the Phoenix legend is the first day in China, the square dancing aunt, the walking street merchant and the long-distance bus driver can be regarded as their most loyal fans. And behind all this, Zhang excess in did not, as legend of Phoenix’s songwriter, including Zhang Chao created the "fly", "Moonlight" and "dazzle most folk style", a series of popular songs.

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