What is the real daily minimum income of 500 yuanHow to make a series of Blog Aodong delicacy expert

What is the real daily minimum income of 500 yuanHow to make a series of Blog Aodong delicacy expert

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? Answer:

2, according to the project tutorial with some "skills" Meng shlf1314, sub or other products, look at the number of rapid hurricane income background every day, every cell of the body began to perk up, blood straight forehead. At this time the whole human desire with the rise in the number of expansion, sleep to see the long-awaited BMW Benz, villa, beauty has waved to their ^_^, but at the time of payment, advertising a "Dear John" ruthless "love letter" awakened the sleeping with you, desire is like a soap general bubble rupture.

third asked, "use the blog to make money on the network to make money has been a lot of ways, but mostly stay in say, and say is not sincere, transparent, people feel that the road is fuzzy, difficult to go.". Then, collect the delicacy experts and delicacy articles, finishing their delicacy experience and discovery is a way to make money, a stable and profitable project? It should be said, quite so, your blog can have books, videos, delicacy delicacy delicacy expert training, and even specially developed delicacy experts delicacy custom service. These are a way of earning money, these are money blogging ideas are money blogging project sources, is the source of revenues to make money from blogs.

blogger is a food expert,

is it only a food expert that can make money through blogging?


I’m here to tell you: no day to earn 500 of the items and methods, only earn 500 of the thinking,

attractive and familiar with the title, isn’t it? Oh ~ the current Wangzhuan industry most fashionable words, good ~ it is really can achieve

source: find cast

1, after getting the project no way to start, the content of the method how to see, do not understand. Then learn from the most basic site building, domain name space and network basic skills. Without perseverance, giving up, insisting on getting ready to start, found that the project has expired.

comments: This is not in-depth understanding of the risk of the project and the reliability of promotional practices caused. No matter how high your background income is, 500, 800 or 1000 a day, those who don’t get it are numbers.


comment: This is yihuhuhuapiao inflexible, using a method of only immutable and frozen into a dead end.

blogs profitable and food experts?


so I can only say: the same project for different people, the effect is completely different. It depends on two aspects: first, how familiar the person is with the Internet, and two is how active he is.

don’t ask yourself if you’re an expert and see if you’ve done enough professionally;

Does it matter what makes

first asked, it matters. Experts with the non expert tongue delicacy than ordinary people, if good writing, then, the expert delicacy in his blog can be released to run the family cooking training advertising, housewives organization common learning exchanges at a convenient time and place, both training income, but also to make friends, shooting two birds with one stone, why not

3, a technology foundation, a few thousand dollars spent watching the tutorial asked also asked, but just do not get 500 yuan a day, what do I do with myself, but at most 50 yuan wandering. After a while, the project was over and it started to freak out when it was found that the money had not yet been paid for half of the tuition fees. Then the internet post everywhere at certain liar, so no help.

as you can see, these people are either a novice, or is turned. Some people know the technique, but they don’t know the technique, so they don’t know how to make the changes. They can’t do it at last. For example, I said in the course of the post, a lot of people to post, and at the beginning is very pleased to say that there is effect, and later told me that no, no one went to see. As soon as I asked him, he repeated the same post on the same page and promoted the same page.

how do you say that? I believe many friends who have bought this kind of project know that there are usually 3 kinds of results:

second asks, "blogger is not necessarily a food expert.". As long as you can easily describe what your eyes see, what your nose smells, and what your tongue taste, it’s enough to let visitors know your real experience. This description will constantly release fun and humor, and gradually let visitors recognize your exclusive articles, and naturally they will treat you as a food expert.

! Fushun

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review: this situation belongs to catch duck shelves, no knowledge of novices to open the aircraft, Kai Kai has the rationale for success?


, don’t treat yourself as an expert. Once you’re not professional, you’ll make yourself suicidal.

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