Ma Haiyao how to use a simple holiday Kuangzhuan Commission8848 who moved the cheese

Ma Haiyao how to use a simple holiday Kuangzhuan Commission8848 who moved the cheese

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the new owners don’t say no and I do not earn money or something like that, very simple things that you do not do what will make money? And your work is the same reason, every day you are sleeping, the boss will give you a salary? Truth who all understand, I will not say. If you think I said what a bad place, please a lot of pointing! Ma Haiyao will continue to work hard, personal 97092039

3, the emotional appeal of the middle class

for 8848 mobile phones, I believe many people do not understand. In July 28, 2016, Beijing Everest released its first 8848 titanium mobile phone in Beijing at 9999 yuan. Who dare to rob the quality strategy of the domestic mobile phone headlines, playing the "price war" with apple? This million mobile phone sold? With all sorts of doubts, open door maoqiying2008 with 8848 mobile phone CEO Mr. Du Guoying. In July 31st, open door maoqiying2008 wrote an article entitled "domestic million mobile phone sold?"

1, internationally, the ultimate luxury mobile VERTU brand is "reference"".

Please specify the source


is now the festival of the world cup, and many businessmen have taken aim at this opportunity. No matter the world cup or the national unification Festival, it is time for some Adsense to make profit. A person who will use the event marketing is definitely a good speculator is a master, Hyundai and KIA automobile I think we are not unfamiliar? The beginning of modern automobile is a low-end products in Europe, the foreigner did not think. In the China brand did not play out, he used the world cup partners the opportunity to advertise his brand in foreign countries is one of the world’s six major automobile brands! The general brand to create a world brand, at least a few million to billions of dollars in advertising. Of course, the last World Cup has now won the world cup partner this thing. One world cup promoted his brand to one of the world’s six largest car brands. And his deadline goes to the end of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Taking advantage of the world cup is a good subject, though we don’t have that much money. A few days ago, I saw foreign countries have begun selling "ah Zu Zu", this thing we should not unfamiliar, that is, the manufacture of sound pollution. It’s hot in Europe and America! That’s the legendary "business opportunity"! Do you smell anything, friend

is close to the end of 2016, HUAWEI Mate9, Jin M2007 launched the domestic mobile phone million high-end warfare. The first launch of mobile phone 8848 yuan titanium titanium mobile phone accident in the gun, unexpectedly.

New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong said in the global innovation forum 2015 conference in April 23, 2015, "I think Samsung is bound to fail, I became a loyal user Samsung five years, finally found no one.

the average price of the mobile phone is about 100 thousand yuan. In the past 10 years, VERTU has sold 300 thousand units worldwide, producing about 30 thousand units a year. There are more than 80 stores around the world, while China accounts for about half of the total.

now to talk about how to use some simple China webmaster to do holiday Advertising Commission, whether it is the Mid Autumn Festival, the new year’s day, Christmas and other holidays like, we will see a bunch of holiday greetings from the web site of the website! How to make money? If you have been to the holiday blessing website will found a mobile phone input no fortune, friends, ringtone downloads these things. This is also some advertising alliance business, professional called "SP" alliance. Commonly known as "mobile phone short-term registration", you send a text message, will deduct a lot of money. Of course, the more buttons, the advertising alliance is more profitable, Adsense earn more, but this thing everyone knows, and now there are still many people to use mobile phone registration! Why is this? I also can not understand, ha ha. Maybe it’s about the food chain. Color flow on the network of Internet users accounted for about 80%, men in general Internet will see some adult things, this also let the webmaster to grab the opportunity. Such a way is to draw inferences from others.


8848 why accidental "gun"?

2, 5000-10 yuan price with "blank"

article has a very detailed understanding of the reasons for the introduction of 8848 mobile phones and market positioning. Du Guoying gave five reasons to prove that the success of 8848 mobile phones in the Chinese market:

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in the domestic mobile phone market, a large number of brands compete between 500-1000 yuan, which is a huge threshold for domestic mobile phones. Because there are countless brands crowded here to fight. However, between 5000 yuan iPhone and 100 thousand yuan Vertu, there is still a great market space. Moreover, in such an interval, there is almost no brand.

because of Hongkong and mainland team "titanium" standard is different, 8848 propaganda language was named by the consumers association. Subsequently, 8848 come forward to clarify the facts and be willing to accept supervision from all walks of life. The original is a simple annotation problem, as the explosion was like Samsung, sparked great interest in the media, social media to badmouth the 8848 big mobile phone V, there are a few people used 8848 mobile phone? Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the 88 million 480 thousand yuan mobile phone in the end who moved the cheese

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