Analysis and research of domestic webmaster websitesEasy to new boss Wen Xiaodong the primary task i

Analysis and research of domestic webmaster websitesEasy to new boss Wen Xiaodong the primary task i

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Two days easy to set in the

Wen Xiaodong told the Beijing News reporter that he was in the evening of June 26th before negotiations began to come easily. He took less than two days to negotiate. However, according to informed sources, Wen Xiaodong easy access to the disk, it is music as a financial crisis, the "debt to equity" helpless move.

the afternoon of June 28th, easy to the announcement that the company has recently been in the change of controlling shareholder, the controlling shareholder is no longer easy to enter, LETV as the controlling shareholder, the original management team to continue to be responsible for easy management and operation etc.. Soon, Tao Yun capital, blue giant investment and Wen Xiaodong’s name appears in the media reports, and soon put on easy to take the disc man’s identity.


because the music is easy to storm, the new controlling shareholder, Tao Yun capital CEO Wen Xiaodong was pushed into the middle of the spotlight, become the media chase "darling".

in the decision in easy to nearly a month later, in late July 24th 8, in the Tao Yun capital is located in Beijing Chang’an Avenue office, Beijing News reporter saw wearing a blue jacket, looks a bit tired of Wen Xiaodong.

, I like to see other people’s articles, and then increase their views, the so-called "brought doctrine", standing on the shoulders of giants. Here is the article from behind the reprinted, good article, but said not clear enough, I in the author’s point of view on the revised, and I hope to give you the desire to do webmaster class network friends, some highlights.

       ;     integrated categories: source download and online learning combination of things, I temporarily named him "integrated class webmaster website.". I go to many, there are two, one is the Webmaster Station chinaz, one is the webmaster network admin5, one is Adsense consulting network chinahtl.

            station: download the source code number is concerned, is undoubtedly the domestic leader, but because of fame, so there no commercial code, I often go to the usual code, code is not good. Technical articles are based on the basic of "Amoy bar update. The popularity of the forum is good, but the water paste more. After the language: Unfortunately, the station into the business circle, open full of advertising, I feel bad.

         ;   Web page: in June of this year, I went to the source bar next thing, suddenly jumped to the web bar, then did not know how it happened. Then added webmaster , just know the source code, changed to do the web page. I went there under the code more, its code number as the master station, but the commercial code, especially because I am for the company website, the general business class, there are a lot of commercial code can go there next to go, so much. The technical article origin is quite broad, some websites carry on the kind of website, many I have seen behind the times. The forum was unsuccessful. – after words: Adsense seems not to care about, page disorderly.

            network consulting: webmaster is the devil, I’ve also seen at the time of K666, then he often posts. Therefore, more attention, but also pay attention to his station, his station has also revised this year, the use of an empire of the system changed, good. The interface is very good. His technical article is very good. It should be the best in the three stations. I often go there to read the article, the source code is not particularly good. The forums are great, too. – Language: old ghost, do technology.

        source class: source class, I went to a lot of stations, home source code, ASP300 code, source code bar.

, who has always believed in the principles of low-key Wen Xiaodong, was pushed to the centre of public opinion with an announcement.

was traced to becoming a controlling shareholder, Wen Xiaodong’s efforts to maintain his low-key image had been very successful. For low-key reasons, the investors listed the "bad image", "fear of roadside eating is recognized" and many other reasons. In his eyes, companies are far more important than entrepreneurs.

business information display, Wen Xiaodong is the legal representative of the Tao Yun capital, blue giant investment founding partner and President, holding Tao Yun capital of blue giant investment.

for the outside world may be rumored to take over the music system as other assets, Wen Xiaodong said, do not rule out the plan.

in addition, Tao Yun capital holding the South Korean KOSDAQ Candle Media listed companies.

, Wen Xiaodong says, the first priority for easy access is to survive. It denied the holding is easy to only the stock of reverse, saying "willing and easy to grow together", and the new easy to CEO has been talking about, and is a "weight" of the managers.

July 24th, Wen Xiaodong told the Beijing News reporter, said he was in the evening of June 26th began to negotiate the "easy to come in.". From that point of view, he took less than two days to negotiate.

in Wen Xiaodong’s investment experience, less than two days is considered a "rush", it seems to be compared. But for the easy to come, the change of fate seems to be no longer allowed to drag on. April founder Zhou hang released 1 billion 300 million funds were music as a misappropriation of statements, for the first time will be easy to push into the vortex of public opinion. With music >

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

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