Yiqifa Union Prize survey started Some thoughts on the development direction of portal website

Yiqifa Union Prize survey started Some thoughts on the development direction of portal website

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to thank you for your long-term support of Yiqifa alliance, in order to allow us to serve you better, improve service quality and value Yiqifa alliance, we will in the near future to carry out "award Yiqifa union satisfaction survey". Please webmaster busy schedule to participate in our prize investigation. Every valuable suggestion you put forward will be our direction for improvement.

site owners who participate in this survey will have the opportunity to receive "cash reward", see the research.eqifa/

Yiqifa Union Prize investigation started!

today, the largest alliance marketing platform – Yiqifa alliance to carry out "award union satisfaction survey". This event aims to better enhance the quality of service and value of the alliance, and to promote the cooperative relationship between the alliance and the webmaster.

survey is divided into three parts: the first part is the whole alliance survey; survey Yiqifa services in second parts; the third part is a survey of the site.

portal, we first thought is Sina, Sohu, NetEase, in the classification of Ai Rui in portal website also includes TOM, , Yahoo China, china, 21CN, China MSN, duolaimi.

then in the content, like all of the portal site content is the same, you will see on the website A news, will also see on the B website and C website will also reach the same content, but there are some differences in the statement, the layout is different, some in the different point of the photograph, when you don’t have to read all the news you will find in the repeat to do one thing, as the Internet users in fact and see so many news portal not >

special note
refers to the so-called portal website, a comprehensive Internet information resources and provide relevant information service of the application system. The initial portal provides a search engine and network access services, due to the increasingly fierce market competition, portals have to quickly develop all kinds of new type of business, hope that through numerous business categories to attract and keep Internet users, so that the portal business cover and contain everything to become the online world, "department store" or "network supermarket". From the current situation, the portal website mainly provides news, search engine, network access, chat rooms, electronic bulletin boards, free e-mail, video information, e-commerce, online communities, online games, free web space, etc.. In China, typical portals include Sina, NetEase and Sohu.


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general notes
here is an application framework, which integrates various application systems, data resources and Internet resources are integrated into an information management platform and a unified user interface to the user, so that enterprises can quickly build business to customer, business to staff and business to business information channel all kinds of information can be released, so that enterprises in the enterprise’s internal and external storage.

dear webmaster friend:

1GB TF Card

from the content embodied in the

Yiqifa alliance marketing platform

for details

When it comes to the

mail system, we come from the emphasis on website brand to mail service, mail users tend to practical experience in the use of these years, so those who pay attention to practical website mail services accounted for the vast majority of the market share, such as NetEase mailbox.

in Yiqifa prize survey, with Kingston

from the service function:

we look at the portal definition: portal. The original meaning is refers to the main entrance and the entrance, now uses in the Internet portal website and the enterprise application system portal system.

will have a daily found when browsing web portal, the portal now has a few years ago the portal is very different from the first search service, the use of search engines is the earliest in my mind is still used in the portal site, but later less use, since that sh419 and shlf1314 would rarely go with portal search.

to thank you for your participation, for participating in the award of the survey site, the owner will have the opportunity to get "cash reward."". For further details, see: research.eqifa/

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