The advantages and disadvantages of each type of Taobao passenger station in 2012 are analyzedBusine

The advantages and disadvantages of each type of Taobao passenger station in 2012 are analyzedBusine

August 7, 2017 nfyactcp 0

1: Taobao must do Wangzhuan rebate network or online shopping often friends have come in contact with the rebate network. Rebate network profit model is more mature, it is mainly by allowing members to buy and follow orders on their website, to return part of the Commission to members, to achieve long-term stable profitability. Compared with other types of Taobao customer sites, its main advantage lies in long-term development and stable income, low management costs, but the disadvantage is that the monopoly is serious, at present, is a large company in operation, from personal webmaster point to a cup of soup.

The rise of In the absence of any notice, the employee was removed from the company’s WeChat group – that is, in a disguised way to inform employees: "you have been opened, but we did not inform you,"

has been a guest to be created by the new old webmaster favorite from the 09 year, first joined the threshold is much lower compared to other alliance, then no matter whether you have a website or blog, you can apply to join, in addition it is taobao’s website, has a very high reputation and mass High Commission products. It is for these reasons that lead to the Taobao guest website appeared in a spurt of development in recent years, in addition to the traditional single page station and API station, but also the emergence of a large number of rebates and crown book stores and other different types of Taobao guest website, here I come to the shallow must analyze the development prospect of this kind of Taobao off site in 2012 and the advantages and disadvantages.


article is simply an ignorant, fearless, and nasty girl. She is lacking in common sense, drop out of school early, do not listen to the advice of investors; she is always bad, unreasonable demands on employees, forcing many employees to resign; she does not keep promise, unlimited snacks and commitment of the employees in Japan tour are lost; and even her business model, in addition to the "95" after the label no, what attractive bright spot.

"one morning he woke up · Samsa from uneasy dreams, he found himself lying on the bed into a giant beetle." – the book of transfiguration,

Since Wang Kaixin in the


Kafka in "Metamorphosis", tells the story of a troubled melancholy Gregor, overnight is forced to become a giant beetle, driven by his father to the bedroom, mother and sister finally left him, loneliness and despair.


a few days ago, in the know also broke new farce: staff of normal morning to the magic department work, shocked to find that the company has been deserted.

media is more like the discovery of a drainage weapon, this company all picked out, shouting stop watching the crowds, people become the talk at leisure.

GQ Chinese published a "17 year old CEO Wang Kai Xin: after girl’s Avatar and lonely" Outlet reports, as if overnight, the 17 year old girl suddenly falls from the altar, a joke into the eyes of everyone.

, the same media man, such a huge contrast,

this is not her sorrow, it is the sorrow of the times.


yesterday to see the circle of friends once again refresh after "95 magical girl" farce, suddenly "deformation description of the scene in mind".

source: GQ, China

4:api Taobao station the Taobao off site than single page station early, because at that time included, a few thousands, more than 10000, so have many webmaster’s favor, but with some time ago sh419 API site to crack down, let this kind of website instantly became the Adsense on the hot potato, now sh419 although this kind of website to mitigate the blow, but I still do not suggest that you operate this website in 2012.

, the most elusive thing in the whole farce is, first, how did the project get financing? Second, why are these things?

3: single page station of this kind of products Taobao guest site should rise in 2010, because of weight loss drug profits for the year to do this kind of Taobao off site station friend earned a pours. Although it is already 2012, but does not mean that this station has no space for development, because such lucrative commissions product is not a weight loss drug in Taobao, as long as we look for, find some popular high commission products, and then use the long tail keywords to attract directional flow or to earn a lot.


overall, although in 2012 many owners no longer regard Taobao as the preferred guest Wangzhuan, because I think it It is all up with their potential Taobao customers, but is limitless, as long as we are.

know pan fried, but was expelled and not in accordance with the labor law to obtain compensation employees come in a throng to answer questions, the answers have been praised the highest vote 1000 times; once held the Wang Kaixin media people under the ruthless hand, a 10W+ article scraper circle of friends, she will be down to the Nothing is right. in the ray of spectators outside Giori tender.

2: crown book stores website ministers get inspiration from hao123, then create the Taobao crown book stores network guest site, this kind of Taobao off site relative to the rebate network more suitable for us personal webmaster operation, and the competition is still relatively small, the construction cost is low, so I think if you have website optimization technology outstanding, in 2012 that the choice of building a website to do this kind of Taobao customer is definitely a good choice.

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